testo Saveris 2-H1 - Wi-Fi temperature and humidity data logger

Order-Nr.  0572 2034

  • Alerts when limit values are exceeded via e-mail or SMS (optional)

  • Automated temperature and humidity monitoring with integrated probe

  • Access to readings anywhere and with any device

  • Data transfer by wireless LAN

  • Automatic reading documentation

  • Free online data storage in the cloud

The testo Saveris 2-H1 Wi-Fi temperature and humidity logger measures and reliably records temperature and humidity values, with its internal temperature and humidity probes, over long periods. When used with the testo Cloud service, measurements are available anytime, anywhere, via an internet connected device, such as a tablet, PC, or smartphone.


Alerting of violation of limit values by e-mail or SMS.


Climatic ambient conditions easily under control
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Product Description

The testo Saveris 2-H1 Wi-Fi data logger system is an easy, versatile, and secure solution for the measurement and monitoring of temperature and humidity. The system consists of at least one Wi-Fi data logger and a testo Cloud license (online data storage). As a component of this data logger system, the testo Saveris 2-H1 stores all measured values, and transmits them directly by Wi-Fi to the testo Cloud. The measurement rate is adjustable from 1 minute to 24 hours. You can use the alarm function to receive immediate alarms by e-mail or SMS text message (optional), when user set limit values are exceeded.

Installation, readout, and analysis of Wi-Fi data loggers

The testo Saveris 2-H2 Wi-Fi data logger is easily installed. Select the appropriate testo Cloud license to fit your company’s needs, connect through your WLAN network, then log in to the testo Cloud to configure the logger and begin collecting measurements. Logger and system settings, alarm settings, and outputs are quickly set. Now relax, because Saveris 2 is on the job, and will alert you if a limit or problem is detected.

The logger itself displays the current measurement values, alarm conditions, and the remaining battery life. The standard batteries (AA) have a life expectancy of 24 months, and can be replaced as needed. The internal data storage of the Wi-Fi data logger has a capacity of 10,000 measurement values per channel/measurement type.

Delivery Scope

- testo Saveris 2-H1 Wi-Fi data logger
- Micro USB cable
- Wall bracket with lock
- Batteries (4 AA)
- Instruction manual
- Factory calibration document

Technical Data

Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

-22° to 122 °F / -30 to +50 °C


±0.9 °F / ±0.5 °C


0.1 °F / 0.1 °C

Humidity - Capacitive

Measuring range

0 to 100 %rH


±2 %rH


0.1 %rH

General technical data


9 oz. / 250 g


5 x 3 x 1 in. / 115 x 82 x 31 mm

Operating temperature

-22° to 122 °F / -30 to +50 °C

Protection class


Measuring rate

Dependent on Cloud licence; Basic: 15 min … 24 h / Advanced: 1 min … 24 h

Door contact


Communication rate

Dependent on Cloud licence; Basic: 15 min … 24 h / Advanced: 1 min … 24 h

WLAN Connectivity

Signal transmission: wireless, frequency band: 2.4 GHz, supported wireless LAN standards: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and IEEE 802.1X; Possible encryption methods: without encryption, WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA2 Enterprise - The data loggers communicate via the standard protocol MQTT and are SNTP time synchronization-capable.

Power supply

4 x AA AlMn batteries; mains unit optional; for temperatures below -10 °C please use Energizer batteries 0515 0572


10,000 measurement values / channel

Battery life

12 months (typical value, depending on the wireless LAN infrastructure) at +25 °C, 15-minute measuring cycle and standard communication cycle at -30 °C, 15-minute measuring cycle and standard communication cycle with Energizer batteries 0515 0572

Storage temperature

-40° to 158 °F (without batteries) / -40 to +70 °C (without batteries)