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For personal, product and environmental protection

Measurements in a laminar flow cabinet

In order to protect products and samples at microbiological laminar flow cabinets from contamination, and to shield staff and the environment from potentially hazardous material, ventilation is essential. A laminar flow cabinet has an opening through which the user can carry out work procedures inside the cabinet. It is constructed such that the user is protected, the risk of a product and a cross-contamination is low, and the escape of suspended airborne contamination present in the cabinet is controlled by suitably filtered convection air and by filtration of the air output. Accordingly, DIN EN 12469 demands the testing of the ventilation conditions and the air volume flow.

  • Measure air flow velocity reliably even at low velocities

  • The air supply flow through the HEPA filter should be monitored

  • The required measurements also include lighting and sound level

Precise measurement of differential pressure

Laminar flow cabinet

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Laminar flow cabinet

With VAC measuring instruments and suitable probes, you test the air velocity and air flow at laminar flow cabinets exactly. Use this to reduce the risk for users when dealing with dangerous or potentially dangerous micro-organisms.

  • Safe and exact measurements of air velocity and air flows.

  • Reliable testing of sound level

Laboratory extractor

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Laboratory extractor

EN 14175 Part 3 establishes test procedures for evaluating the security and performance of the front sashes and air flow of extractors.

  • The anemometer must be able to measure unidirectionally with a directional sensitivity of ± 20 °C

  • The measurement uncertainty may be within the range of 0.2 m/s to 1.0 m/s max. 0.02 m/s ± 5 % of the measurement value

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Further measurements in your cleanroom

Temperature and humidity testing

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Differential pressure measurement for rooms and filters

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Air flow testing and air exchange rate

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Multifunctional air velocity & IAQ measuring instruments

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