Heating technology

Ambient CO measurement

Ambient CO measurement on heating systems

Invisible and toxic: When organic materials such as oil, gas or solid fuels combust incompletely, carbon monoxide (CO) occurs. CO in indoor air can be lethal, as it is colourless, odourless and tasteless. That is why it is necessary to carry out an ambient CO measurement during the installation and servicing of heating systems. Above all, testing must be carried out:

  • At locations which are often frequented by people

  • At combustion locations of heating systems

  • In the surroundings of gas and oil boilers

With CO measuring instruments from Testo, you are on the safe side in seconds. You prevent accidents and guarantee the correct operation of the heating system.

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Ambient CO measuring instruments

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Other applications

Flue gas analysis

Exhaust and flue gas measurement on heating systems and other small combustion plants is used to determine the level of pollutants emitted and the heat energy lost.

  • The atmosphere should be contaminated by pollutants as little as possible.

  • Energy should be used as efficiently as possible.

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