Indoor air quality and comfort level

Illuminance (lux) measurements

Illuminance and light distribution have a key influence on factors such as performance and safety in the workplace.

With a lux measuring instrument from Testo, you can ensure optimum lighting conditions indoors.

Lux meters


Indoor air quality and comfort level

Measuring indoor air quality and comfort level in workplaces on a regular basis enables the indoor climate to be adjusted precisely.

Measuring instruments from Testo will help you to ensure a comfortable climate in all rooms.

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The testo Smart App guides you quickly and easily through measurements on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems.

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PRO measuring programs for increasing the efficiency of your applications

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Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Testo measuring instruments


Direct report dispatch by e-mail


All measurement values at a glance


Intuitive measurement menus


Free download, free use


PRO measuring programs

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