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The main focus of your work at the pharmacy is people’s health. That is why you cannot take any risks when storing medicines, vaccines or blood reserves. Pharmaceuticals and substances that react sensitively to climatic fluctuations must be stored under controlled conditions.

Climate monitoring in pharmacies

In addition, compliance with the limit values at dispensing pharmacies have to be continuously monitored and documented. For those responsible, this takes a great deal of time and effort, because mistakes can have expensive consequences.

Unless you use a system that automatically monitors and documents the ambient conditions for you: With the testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system, you can monitor the temperature reliably, continuously and with minimal effort.

testo Saveris 2 is the perfect solution. I would recommend it unreservedly to my colleagues.

Dr. med. Frank Siefert



Ensure quality and maintain compliance in pharmacies

Temperature monitoring

  • In sales room, storerooms and drugs refrigerators

  • In order to adhere to legal regulations

  • In order to guarantee the welfare of the patients

  • In order to avoid economic damage to the pharmacy

Lots of data loggers - lots of options

Why testo Saveris 2 is right for your pharmacy

Every pharmacy is different. Thus you can put together your own testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system to suit the needs of your premises:
With the right loggers and the optimum Cloud licence for you. We would be happy to assist you with this.

You can find more testo Saveris 2 data loggers here:

Overview data loggers

Kit for monitoring the temperature in refrigerators

If the refrigerator breaks down, things can quickly become awkward: insufficient cooling can cause quality defects and loss of value for your goods. The testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system enables you to prevent any losses of this kind: It offers automated temperature monitoring in refrigerators and a sophisticated alarm system for emergencies:

  • Automatic temperature monitoring in refrigerators: reliable and convenient

  • Clever alarm system: warning by e-mail or SMS for critical temperature values

  • Measuring value documentation can be accessed at any time

  • Advantages of the kit: equipment ideal for refrigerator temperature monitoring and attractive price

Your optimal Cloud licence for the Testo Cloud

How the Cloud works

The data loggers are connected to the internet via WLAN and store the data online in the Cloud. The Cloud is the core operating element of your testo Saveris 2 system:

  • Set up the testo Saveris 2 system

  • Configure the loggers

  • Set the limit value alarms

  • Evaluate the measurement data

You can choose between the free Basic Cloud access and the extended Advanced licence.

testo Saveris 2 in the healthcare sector

How our customers use the wireless data logger system

100% medicinal quality at no extra effort.


IAQ monitoring of central functional units at a hospital.


Secure monitoring and documentation of temperatures in a pharmacy.

Testo Referenz

Product information, data protection and know-how

Product brochure testo Saveris 2

The testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system can be put together just the way you need it at your pharmacy. The product brochure offers you an overview of:

  • All testo Saveris 2 data loggers

  • All technical specifications

  • All information on licences

Security dossier testo Saveris 2

Your security is important to us. That’s why we have compiled all the relevant information on protecting your data and privacy in this Security dossier. For secure, automated IAQ monitoring to put your mind at ease.

Expert knowledge & downloads

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Other areas of application

Here, you can find out more about which measuring solutions can assist you in laboratories, in hospitals and during the transport of sensitive substances.


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