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Functions of the Testo thermal imagers

Testo's process analysis package

What is the new optional process analysis package?

The optional process analysis package includes on the one hand, the new feature of sequence storage in the imager. This allows you to record and save temperature developments at freely selectable intervals directly in the thermal imager testo 890 – wirelessly and without a PC. On the other hand, the package contains the fully radiometric video recording. It offers you the possibility of analyzing saved videos and sequences in the clearly structured software Testo IRSoft. In addition to this, you can also stream radiometric measurement data by online measurement into the analysis software at up to 25 Hz, and record sequences. This means that all changes are immediately visible in the thermal image, even in fast-moving processes. In addition to this, the video measurement offers you the possibility of controlling the imager remotely, and of saving individual images either as a thermal image of a JPEG-file.

How fully radiometric video works

Overview of the functions

  • Live online measurement in real time at a frequency of up to 25 Hz

  • Recording and storage at freely selectable intervals (3 secs to 1 h) directly in the imager, wirelessly and without PC

  • Freely selectable recording start: manual, after countdown or limit value violation

  • Selectable storage formats: Video (vmt), thermal image (bmt), or thermal and real image (bmt+)

  • Fully radiometric storage of all data

  • Export of measurement data in different formats, e.g. .xls or .mpeg.

  • Synchronizsed automatic shutter

  • Recording of individual images (snapshots) from online measurement or videos

  • Setting of up to 15 measurement points which can be presented as a temperature-time diagram

  • Setting of up to five profile lines, in order to examine the temperature profile of measurement objects

  • Automatic hot/cold spot recognition

Process analysis package and suitable thermal imaging cameras