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testo 435-2 set - Climate measuring instrument set

0563 4357
  • testo 435-2 multifunction measuring instrument for the adjustment and testing of air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Several attachable probes included in the set (vane probes, temperature/humidity probes)
  • Additional optional probes available for a really wide range of measuring purposes
  • Large instrument memory for up to 10,000 readings
  • Product no longer available. Have you checked out its successor?
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    The multifunction measuring instrument enables you to carry out a really wide range of measurements which help you to regulate and test ventilation and air conditioning systems and to assess indoor air quality.

    The testo 435-2 multifunction measuring instrument offers these advantages

    In general, the testo 435-2 allrounder can handle a multitude of measurements – from air temperature through to lux and including flow, volume flow and humidity. However, only you know which measurements are necessary and which are not when it comes to your own job. And you are therefore also the one who decides how your measuring instrument should be equipped: you have the choice of a really wide variety of optional sensors and probes.

    In addition, the measuring instrument is not only compatible with attachable probes, but also with radio probes. If you equip the testo 435-2 with the radio module which is available as an option, the measuring instrument will receive values from up to three radio probes over a distance of up to 20 metres where there are no obstructions. This makes easy measurements possible even in inaccessible areas.

    Advantage of the set: Delivery includes three probes and accessories

    The set provides you with the testo 435-2 climate measuring instrument along with several probes and practical accessories. The 16 mm vane probe with telescope which is part of the set is ideal for use in flow and volume flow measurement in ventilation ducts. The 100 mm vane probe can be used for measurement at ventilation outlets. Combining the probe with a testovent 417 measurement funnel means you can carry out particularly efficient and accurate measurements at plate outlets and ventilation grilles (two testovent 417 measurement funnels included in the set). In addition, the set includes another humidity and temperature probe for measuring indoor air humidity or duct humidity, along with a service case for transporting the equipment and a mains unit.

    Top equipment, top user-friendliness

    The testo 435-2 multifunction measuring instrument works efficiently, without needing any complicated prior programming:

    Probe-dependent menus and selectable user profiles for the standard applications of “duct measurement” and “IAQ measurement” ensure easy handling. The measuring instrument's internal memory records up to 10,000 readings. You can transfer the data really easily to a PC using the USB data cable which is also supplied. The PC software, which is also included in the scope of delivery, is available to you for archiving and documentation of the measurement data and measurement programs (e.g. “duct measurement”). Special measurement protocols present the data from duct, long-term and turbulence measurements to your customer. An added bonus is that you can produce a report printout directly on site if necessary – via the testo fast printer available as an option.

    The large, illuminated display ensures easy reading of measuring values, even if visibility is poor. In addition, dew point distance, min., max. and mean values are displayed. The robust housing provides reliable protection against impacts for the testo 435-2 measuring instrument.

    • testo 435-2 multifunction measuring instrument, incl. reading memory, download code for PC software, USB cable, calibration protocol and batteries (0563 4352)
    • Vane with telescope, Ø 16 mm (0635 9535)
    • Vane, Ø 100 mm (0635 9435)
    • testovent 417 funnel set: measurement funnel (Ø 200 mm) for plate outlets and measurement funnel (330 x 330 mm) for ventilation grilles (0563 4170)
    • Humidity/temperature probe (0636 9735)
    • 5 V DC 500 mA mains adapter (0554 0447)
    • Service case (0516 0435)

    Air probes

    Comfort probes

    Humidity probes

    Radio handles and probe head

    Surface probes


    immersion/ penetration probes

    Accessories for measuring instrument



    Printer and accessories

  • Printer and accessories
    testo-Schnelldrucker IRDA mit kabelloser Infrarot-Schnittstelle
    testo fast printer IRDA
      0554 0549