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testo ComSoft Professional software

For demanding users: the ComSoft Professional software offers analysis and display possibilities over and above the basic functions.

  • Programming and readout of Testo data loggers and archiving data

  • Graphic and tabular display of all measurement parameters

  • Effortless creation and management of reports

  • Intuitive user interface for efficient work

  • Scientific / statistical evaluation (min./max.; mean value, limit value violation)

  • Creation of formulae, online measurement, report template

Please note:

With the purchase of the testo ComSoft Professional software you received an activation code from us. This is necessary in order to activate the software. Please have the activation code ready to hand and enter it after the installation of the software.

Do you not yet have an activation code, but would like to purchase the software or get prior information?

In order for us to be able to send you the testo ComSoft Professional software as a digital software download, please fill in the following fields: