Robust, fast-action air probe (digital) - with Pt100 temperature sensor

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  • Fast response time thanks to the exposed sensor

  • For precise measurement of the air temperature

  • Ideal for use in laboratories, in industry and in food quality control

  • Intelligent calibration concept with zero-error display

Short response time, high-precision temperature measurement: Use the robust, digital air probe (together with the compatible measuring instrument) to carry out quick, accurate measurements of the air temperature. The exposed sensor makes it possible to carry out temperature measurements with a short response time.

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Ideal for measurements in laboratories, in industry and also in food quality control. The air probe with Pt100 temperature sensor, which features long-term stability, is ideal for these applications:

  • Fast, high-precision measurement of the air temperature
  • Calibrating stationary sensors
  • Monitoring production processes / production facilities
  • Reference measurements in the calibration laboratory

Particularly useful: Store individual readings directly in the measuring instrument itself (please order separately) by pressing the button on the probe. The measurement assistant in the measuring instrument makes for intuitive operation and error-free measurement. Reading trends are reliably recorded thanks to the convenient input of measurement time and measuring cycle.

Intelligent calibration concept

With the digital temperature probe you benefit from exceptionally accurate measurement results, because the measuring instrument makes measurement uncertainty a thing of the past. You only need to send the probe in for calibration – so the measuring instrument remains in continuous use. Thanks to the adjustment function in the measuring instrument, the calibration results can be stored at up to six measuring points. This ensures a zero-error display.

상품 제공 시 포함

1 x robust, fast-action air probe (digital) with fixed cable (cable length 1.4 m) and calibration protocol.

관련 상품

기술 데이터


Pt100센서 측정 범위

-100 ~ +400 °C

Pt100센서 정확도

±(0.15 °C + 0.2 측정값의 %) (-100 ~ -0.01 °C)

±(0.15 °C + 0.05 측정값의 %) (0 ~ +100 °C)

±(0.15 °C + 0.2 측정값의 %) (+100.01 ~ +350 °C)

±(0.5 °C + 0.5 측정값의 %) (+350.01 ~ +400 °C)

Pt100센서 분해능

0.01 °C

반응 시간t99

t90 <45 초

기술 데이터

보관 온도

-20 ~ +60 °C


182 g


360 x 50 x 40 mm (LxWxH)

작동 온도

-5 ~ +50 °C

프로브 샤프트 직경

4 mm

프로브 샤프트 팁 직경

4 mm

케이블 길이

1.4 m

하우징 재질


프로브 샤프트 길이

200 mm

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