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testo 6448 - Compressed air meter with bar probe (DN40-250)

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  • Installation possible under pressure, compressed air system shutdown not necessary
  • Safety thanks to patented recoil protection
  • Mobile application at different measurement sites
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    In industrial companies, compressed air is used as an important source of energy, but one which can also incur major costs. Accurate measuring and control technology gives you transparency in terms of compressed air consumption. Let accurate compressed air measurements help you to save energy and costs and to achieve controlled environmental management (e.g. according to ISO 50001 or ISO 14001).

    The testo 6448 compressed air meter can be used for compressed air consumption measurements, consumption and leak monitoring as well as flow measurements. It is also used for peak load analysis, which enables you to assess whether you are generating a sufficient capacity of compressed air. All these measures help you to identify potential cost and energy reductions and to make savings in terms of unnecessary investment expenditure.

    The following advantages of the testo 6448 compressed air meter are impressive

    The testo 6448 compressed air meter is also a transmitter, which converts the measured parameter into a standardized electrical signal. The transmitter can therefore be integrated into systems (e.g. compressed air systems), making it a key instrument in measuring and control technology. The testo 6448 compressed air meter also offers the following advantages:
    • Ultimate flexibility with a variety of signal outputs: analog output, pulse output, 2 switching outputs. This means it can be used for any kind of application: consumption measurement, consumption or leak monitoring and also flow measurement
    • Quick, safe assembly/disassembly of the probe thanks to reverse running protection and ball valve: no risk of injury due to reverse running, no escape of compressed air, probe can be used flexibly at multiple measuring point
    • Assembly of the whole transmitter possible under pressure: the compressed air meter can be fitted during operation thanks to the tapping clamp (optional)
    • Integrated totalling function: the totaliser enables the overall consumption to be determined without any additional analysis units
    • Easy operation with a high degree of flexibility: parametrization of signal outputs, switching of physical units, signal delay and signal attenuation are all possible
    • Measurement according to the calorimetric principle: no pressure loss during measurement
    • Further advantages: no temperature compensation needed, fast response time, robust sensor, available for a variety of pipe diameters (DN40-250)

    testo 6448 compressed air meter with bar probe for determining, monitoring, controlling and logging compressed air consumption, selectable diameters DN40 (1 ½″) / DN50 (2″) / DN65 (2 ½") / DN80 (3") / DN100 (4") / DN125 (5") / DN150 (6") / DN200 (8") / DN250 (10"), with analog, pulse and switching output.