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testo 6741 - Dauwpunt transmitter

0555 6741
€ 961,00 € 1.162,81
  • Dauwpunt transmitter met een meetbereik van -45 °Ctd tot + 30 °Ctd en G½ draad
  • Testo polymeer vochtsensor met een hoge nauwkeurigheid en lange termijn stabiliteit
  • restvocht kalibratie ter plaatse mogelijk (met 2 druk kalibratie) zonder demontage of referentiemeter.
  • Instelbare analoog uitgang(4 tot 20 mA) en optionele alarm plug met 2 geïntegreerde schakeluitgangen 
  • testo 6741 dauwpunt transmitter tot -45 ° Ctd, zonder display, procesaansluiting G1 / 2, analoge uitgang 4 tot 20 mA, optioneel alarm stekker met twee schakeluitgangen.
    Air, compressed air and gases are used in all areas of industry. Humidity and moisture are generally undesirable because they can cause damage or impair the quality of the end product. The use of measuring and control technology is recommended in order to monitor humidity in the network and prevent damage.

    Our testo 6741 dew point transmitter was designed specifically for measuring trace humidity in compressed air or dry air. It boasts a polymer humidity sensor which features a high degree of accuracy and long-term stability.

    Technical advantages offered by the testo 6741 dew point transmitter

    • High accuracy: the testo 6741 dew point transmitter uses the Testo polymer sensor to measure humidity with a high degree of precision – up to ±1 K at 0 °Ctd (+32 °Ftd)
    • Scalable analog output: the dew point transmitter converts the measured values into a standardized electrical signal, whereby the analog output can be scaled as required (4 to 20 mA)
    • Alarm plug with 2 integrated switching outputs (optional): use the switching contact plug for MAX monitoring
    • Practical format: the testo 6741 dew point transmitter features a compact and user-friendly design (e.g. with a housing that can be rotated by 350°)
    Use the dew point transmitter to prevent damage (e.g. in refrigeration dryers or membrane dryers). This can save you a considerable amount of money, because if the quality of the end product is impaired in any way, it can prove costly. The cost of running adsorption dryers can also be reduced: accurate humidity-controlled chamber activation precisely adjusts the use of regenerated air to meet requirements – not at a preset time increment, which often creates unnecessary, excess consumption of regenerated air.

    testo 6741 dauwpunt transmitter tot -45 °Ctd met polymeer vochtsensor, zonder display, met procesaansluiting G½ draad, analoog uitgang 4 tot 20 mA en optioneel alarm plug met 2 schakeluitgangen.