Industriële rookgassonde 1800°C

Bestelnr.  0600 7620

  • Very easy to handle

  • Measurements in applications involving high flue gas temperatures of up to 1 800 °C

  • Additional inline filter protects the gas sampling hose from contamination

Industriële rookgassonde 1800°C
bestaat uit:
- onverwarmd handvat
- onverwarmde rookgassonde tot 1800 °C rookgastemperatuur
- onverwarmde monsternameslang voor rookgas incl. filter, lengte 4 m

€ 581,00
€ 703,01 inclusief btw


The industrial probe set 1 800 °C is suitable for the extractive sampling of flue gas analyzed at high flue gas temperatures of up to 1 800 °C. It can be used in combination with both the testo 340 and the testo 350.


The industrial probe set 1 800 °C – in combination with the appropriate measuring instrument – can be used for the following applications:

  • Measuring the furnace atmosphere
  • Emissions measurement for efficiency monitoring / commissioning industrial plants
  • Emissions measurement to monitor prescribed limit values



The industrial probe set 1 800 °C consists of the following components:

  • Unheated handle
  • Unheated probe shaft up to 1 800 °C flue gas temperature
  • Unheated gas sampling hose with inline filter

The industrial probe set 1 800 °C cannot be extended. It also cannot be upgraded by adding a preliminary filter. For temperature measurements which exceed 1 200 °C, we recommend a Type S thermocouple