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Display cabinet bushing

0554 2016
€ 11,00 € 13,42
  • A special O-ring seal enables you to measure using the temperature and humidity probe without affecting the micro-climate in display cabinets
  • With the display cabinet bushing for the digital temperature and humidity probe (0572 2022), you can carry out measurements unobtrusively in the smallest display cabinets – without influencing the micro-climate.
    The display cabinet bushing for temperature and humidity probes is ideal for measurements in display cabinets and presentation cases. Install the display cabinet bushing in the base plate of your display cabinet. The diameter of the hole required for this is 20 mm. Insert the temperature and humidity probe into the bushing, position the data logger in the display cabinet base and connect it to the probe. The sensitive micro-climate inside the display cabinet remains unaffected thanks to the O-ring seal in the display cabinet bushing.

    Display cabinet bushing for humidity and temperature probe. 

  • Temperature and humidity probe
    Temperature and humidity probe
      0572 2156
      € 129,00 € 157,38
    • General technical data

      Thread: 20 mm; Nut: 28 mm
      7 g