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testo 882 - Thermal imager (320 x 240 pixels, manual focus, laser)

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  • Easy, one-handed operation for quick ‘n easy thermal imaging
  • Premium image quality: thermal image resolution 320 x 240 pixels, with optional SuperResolution Technology can be enhanced to 640 x 480 pixels
  • Precise measurements: thermal sensitivity < 50 mK, 32° lens, automatic hot/cold spot recognition
  • Built-in digital camera with power LEDs for real images with every thermal image
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    Crisp, clear thermal images taken from a wide angle; parallel digital real images of the same measuring object with manual or motor-driven focusing. The testo 882 thermal imaging camera gives you this and much, much more. In fact, it gives you everything you need to take, document, and analyse the thermal images of the object you have measured.

    Areas of use for the testo 882 infrared camera

    Quality control in the building sector and water damage restoration, maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations, precise high-temperature measurements, prevention of mold, energy advice. The testo 882 infrared camera has all the features you need to carry out a wide range of different thermal imaging tasks.

    The impressive details of the testo 882 thermal imaging camera

    • 76 800 temperature measuring points for precise thermal imaging and crisp, clear images: Infrared resolution 320 x 240 pixels, thermal image quality enhanced to 640 x 480 pixels thanks to SuperResolution technology
    • Thermal sensitivity < 50 mK for measuring even the smallest temperature differences
    • 32° lens for quick ‘n easy coverage of larger image sections, can be focused manually or with motor
    • Automatic hot/cold spot recognition for instant critical temperature depiction
    • Built-in digital camera with power LEDs for parallel real and thermal images
    • Free IRSoft PC software for professional analysis of thermal images. TwinPix technology for overlapping images on your PC monitor. Ideal for allocating thermal images, documenting results and for planning further measures
    • Voice annotations via headset
    • Intuitive, one-handed operation for quick ‘n easy thermal imaging

    Special measuring modes for even more precise thermal imaging

    Special measuring modes and functions broaden your measuring spectrum and provide even more precise measurements for faster results:
    • Solar mode for identifying faults at photovoltaic systems: enter the externally measured radiation intensity of the sun at the point in time at which the image was taken into the camera. This value is saved alongside each of the thermal images to allow correct comparisons to be made
    • Special measuring mode for detecting places where there is a risk of mold: the infrared camera can use the externally measured ambient temperature and humidity and the surface temperature to calculate the moisture value of each measuring point and depict it as a real moisture image
    • High temperature option: the measuring range can be increased to 550 °C for even more flexibility

    Thermal imaging analysis on your PC

    The thermal and digital images you have taken can be transferred from your infrared camera to your PC via SD card or USB cable. The IRSoft pro PC software included in the scope of delivery allows you to carry out a quick and reliable analysis of your images. The TwinPix Technology allows you to overlap real and thermal images to create a combined image which can be analysed more easily and efficiently.


      The testo 882 thermal imager with SuperResolution and digital camera is supplied together with the following accessories:
      • Rugged case
      • Pro software IRSoft (free download)
      • Soft case
      • Shoulder strap
      • SD card
      • USB cable
      • Power adaptor
      • Li-ion battery
      • Adapter for tripod mount
      • Lens cloth
      • Headset



      Infrared image output

      Field of view
      32° x 23°
      manual and motor focus
      Minimum focus distance
      0.2 m
      Geometric resolution (IFOV)
      1.7 mrad
      Image refresh rate
      33 Hz
      Infrared resolution
      320 x 240 pixel
      SuperResolution (IFOV)
      1.1 mrad
      SuperResolution (Pixel)
      640 x 480 pixels
      Thermal sensitivity
      <50 mK at +30 °C

      Image output visual

      Minimum focus distance
      0.4 m
      Image size
      640 x 480 pixels

      Checking as part of mechanical maintenance

      Signs of wear in machinery often become apparent long before a malfunction, due to an increase in temperature. Possible causes are friction, incorrect adjustment, tolerances of mechanical components or a lack of lubricant. With a thermal imager, any suspicious changes can be spotted immediately. The main advantage of using thermography in a maintenance operation: it is non-contact and can therefore be carried out on all mechanical installations during operation and from a safe distance.
      Typical applications for the thermal imager:
      • Checking engines
      • Checking bearings
      • Checking shafts

      Reliable high temperature measurement

      Testo thermal imagers adapt to the requirements for applications with high scene temperatures. With the high temperature option, the measuring range can be flexibly extended up to 550 °C . The high-contrast presentation on the display is achieved via the high-temperature iron HT colour palette or the special histogram adjustment.

      testo 882

      Detecting structural defects and ensuring construction quality

      Analysis with a Testo thermal imager is a fast and efficient method of detecting possible structural defects. Furthermore, Testo thermal imagers are ideal for providing proof of the quality and the correct implementation of construction measures. Any heat losses, humidity and areas of air permeability in a building are visible in the thermal image. The testo 870 thermal imager makes it possible to detect faulty thermal insulation and structural damage – all using a non-contact method!
      Typical applications for the thermal imager:
      • Checking the air tightness of windows and doors
      • Finding insulation defects and thermal bridges in the building shell
      • Detecting areas that are prone to mould

      Checking as part of electrical maintenance

      In electrical installations or cables, increased temperatures are always an indication of an overload, an imminent malfunction or an existing defect. Testo thermal imagers facilitate evaluation of the heat status of low, medium and high-voltage systems. Thermographic images lead to the early detection of defective components or connections, so that the necessary preventive measures can be introduced in a targeted way. Thermography therefore minimizes dangerous fire risks and prevents costly production downtimes.
      Typical applications for the thermal imager:
      • Checking switch cabinets
      • Checking electrical connections
      • Monitoring and checking photovoltaic systems
      • Checking as part of mechanical maintenance

      Preventing mould formation

      Thermal bridges waste energy. Condensation can also form in such places due to the humidity in the ambient air. As a result, mould forms in these locations with the associated health risks for the occupants. Testo thermal imagers use the externally determined ambient temperature and humidity as well as the measured surface temperature to calculate the relative surface moisture value for each measuring point. This means mould formation is shown on the display before it becomes visible to the naked eye: areas at risk are displayed in red, areas not at risk are displayed in green. This makes it possible to introduce measures to prevent dangerous mould formation at an early stage - including in hidden corners and niches.

      testo 876

      Providing comprehensive energy advice

      In building thermography, infrared technology is particularly suitable for quick and effective analysis of energy losses in buildings’ heating or air conditioning systems. Thanks to their high temperature resolution, Testo thermal imagers provide detailed images of inadequate insulation and thermal bridges. They are ideal for the recording and documentation of energy losses on outer windows and doors, roller blind casings, radiator niches, in roof structures or the entire building shell. Testo thermal imagers are the perfect measuring tool for comprehensive diagnosis and maintenance uses, and whenever providing energy consultation services.


      Enostavno preverjanje ogrevalnih sistemov in napeljav

      • preverjanje ogrevalnih in klimatskih prezračevalnih sistemov: Uporabite termično kamero za hitro in enostavno prepoznavanje nepravilnosti v razporeditvi temperature
      • Lociranje poteka ogrevalnih zank v sistemih talnega gretja
      • Preverjanje grelnikov Testo za usedanje
      • Merenje temperatur dovoda in povratka
      testo 8xx application

      Lociranje poka cevi

      • Zanesljivo določanje pretrganja cevi s pomočjo termovizijske kamere - brez nepotrebnega odpiranja sten in tal
      • Natančna lokalizacija puščanj v talnem ogrevanju in drugih nedostopnih cevovodih
      testo 8xx application

      Večja zanesljivost pri zagotavljanju kakovosti in spremljanju proizvodnje

      • Testo termovizijska kamera podpira procesni nadzor in zagotavljanje kakovosti izdelka
      • Hitro in brezkontaktno prepoznavanje tujkov v proizvodnih procesih ter anomalij v razporeditvi toplote komponent
      • Hiter in enostaven nadzor nivoja polnjenja v zaprtih tekočinskih rezervoarjih
      testo 8xx application

      Lociranje puščanj na ravnih strehah

      • Zaznavanje vlage v strehah: Na osnovi temperaturnih razlik (kot se pojavljajo predvsem pri ravnih strehah) termovizijske kamere prikažejo območja na strehi, kjer se je zadržala vlaga ali poškodovana izolacija
      testo 8xx application