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testo gas detector - Gas detector

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  • Gas detector for methane, propane and hydrogen gases
  • Flexible probe extension for inaccessible areas
  • Acoustic signals on approaching the lower explosive limit
  • With alarm function: continuous tone and indication on the display on reaching the explosive limit
  • Testo's robust gas detector is a multi-range instrument for detecting methane, propane and hydrogen gases. It has a display which enables direct reading of the ppm-values.
    Leaky gas pipes not only lead to higher gas consumption, but can also trigger explosions and fires in the worst case scenario. Because leaks are often difficult to detect with the naked eye (for example with really small hairline cracks), gas measuring technology is useful when it comes to checking gas pipes.

    Gas detector for several gas types with alarm function

    With Testo's gas detector, you have an instrument which you can use to detect methane, propane and hydrogen gases.

    The gas concentrations are measured in the ppm range with a semiconductor sensor and are shown on the display with a resolution of 1 ppm. You can rely on the alarm function when you are working: on approaching the lower explosive limit the gas detector emits an acoustic signal. As soon as the explosive limit is reached, you hear a continuous tone and are also informed via the visual display.

    The possibility of using a flexible probe extension means gas pipes in inaccessible areas can also be checked quickly and easily using the gas detector.

    testo gas detector, including flexible probe extension, rechargeable battery and mains unit for mains operation and charging the battery, along with calibration protocol.

    General technical data

    320 g
    Reaction time
    t₉₀ 2 - 3 s
    190 x 40 x 28 mm
    Operating temperature
    −15 to +40 °C
    Heat up time
    40 s
    Battery type
    NiMH battery, 1600 mAh
    Battery life
    > 8 h
    Display type
    ppm display
    Storage temperature
    −25 to +70 °C

    Methane (CH₄)

    Measuring range
    0,1 to 4 Vol.%
    10 to 999 ppm
    1 ppm / 0,1 Vol.%
    Lower response threshold
    10 ppm

    Propane (C₃H₈)

    Measuring range
    0,1 to 1,9 Vol.%
    10 to 999 ppm
    1 ppm / 0,1 Vol.%
    Lower response threshold
    10 ppm