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Vacuum gauges and solutions

Evacuations are an important part of the commissioning and maintenance of heat pumps and air conditioning and refrigeration systems. With our innovative vacuum pump and smart measuring devices, evacuations are fully automated generating high-precision results.

All about vacuum

The new vacuum solutions from Testo aren’t just technically brilliant, but are also practical to use. After all, high-precision readings are one thing, but a smooth work process is another. We therefore offer:

  • Fully automated evacuations with integrated holding test

  • All the values that you want to know for the safe evacuation of heat pumps and refrigeration systems. Highly precise

  • Full remote control - with the testo Smart App

  • Wireless connectivity between instruments thanks to automatic Bluetooth connection

Powerful efficiency in a double pack: The testo 565i models in comparison

Classic gauge or manifold?

Evacuate systems safely: Here you will find your ideal measuring device for vacuum.

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All about vacuum

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Evacuations – really simple and fully automatic:

The new testo 565i vacuum pump performs refrigeration system and heat pump evacuations completely automatically. Once the desired vacuum target value is reached, pumping is automatically stopped and a vacuum holding test is initiated at the same time. Foreign gases and moisture can thus be removed safely, and data relating to the system's leak-tightness stored. This means that evacuations can be carried out completely autonomously.

Relaxed measurement even under time pressure: with good tips and the right vacuum gauge

Vacuum measurement involves very low pressures and thus extremely small forces. A quick reminder: pressure is the force exerted by gas molecules on the vessel wall – in more precise terms, their impacts. The lower the pressure falls, the finer the mechanisms have to be, with appropriate sophistication of the instrument technology, in order to be able to measure these fine effects. However, even a high-precision vacuum gauge from the market leader Testo will become even more precise if you take on board the following tips for vacuum measurement:

Vacuum measurement – what it's all about

When commissioning heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, vacuum gauges are used, always in conjunction with a vacuum pump that creates the vacuum in the system. In this respect, your vacuum gauge should always meet the following requirements:

  • Pressure sensor with a high level of accuracy in the lower measuring range (e.g. a Pirani probe).

  • Wireless monitoring of absolute pressure.

  • Measurement of the evaporation temperature of H₂O.

  • Optical alarm when a limit value is exceeded.

Do you already have a vacuum gauge?

A manifold is the perfect addition.

Testo is always working flat out to develop the perfect measuring instrument for everything that can be measured as well. "Be sure" – you can be sure – we promise you, and by this we do not just mean the precision of our vacuum gauges. But also that you will find exactly the right measuring instrument for you to deal with every measuring task in industry, research, technology and trade.

testo Smart App

One App for all applications

The testo Smart App guides you quickly and easily through measurements on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems.

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