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Robust air probe - with NTC temperature sensor

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  • Measuring range from -50 to +125 °C; accuracy of up to ±0.2 °C
  • Short response time thanks to the exposed sensor
  • Temperature probe with NTC temperature sensor
  • Robust
  • Use the robust air probe (NTC) (with the compatible measuring instrument) to carry out quick, accurate measurements of the air temperature. The exposed sensor makes it possible to carry out temperature measurements with a short response time.
    For precise temperature measurements: use the robust air probe with exposed sensor (NTC) with the compatible measuring instrument (please order separately) to measure the ambient air temperature.

    Robust air probe (NTC) – equipment and areas of application

    Use the fixed cable to connect the robust air probe to the measuring instrument (please order separately). The air probe is equipped with a high-quality NTC sensor, is easy to use and features high measuring accuracy of up to ±0.2 °C.

    The robust air probe is designed for ambient air temperature measurements and offers numerous application options. Thanks to the exposed NTC sensor, you can obtain the reading within a short response time. The robust air probe really comes into its own, for example, when checking the indoor air temperature in buildings and refrigerated rooms.

    Waterproof immersion/penetration probe (NTC) with fixed cable (cable length 1.3 m).

    Temperature - NTC

    Measuring range
    -50 to +125 °C
    ±0.2 °C (-25 to +80 °C)
    ±0.4 °C (Remaining Range)
    Reaction time
    t₉₉: 60 s

    General technical data

    100 g
    Length probe shaft
    115 mm
    Cable length
    1.2 m
    Diameter probe shaft tip
    4 mm
    Diameter probe shaft
    5 mm
    Length probe shaft tip
    50 mm
    Product colour
    grey; Black; silver