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testo 760-1 - Digital multimeter

0590 7601
$231.00 $254.10
  • Easy, reliable operation through automatic measurement parameter detection
  • Prevents incorrect settings
  • Suitable for almost all electrical measuring tasks
  • Clear, illuminated display
  • No dial, no risk: The testo 760-1 digital multimeter gives you easier and more reliable measurement of all important electrical parameters than ever before. Assignment of the measuring sockets enables automatic detection of measurement parameters. You don't need to make any adjustments – and you can't make any mistakes.
    When measuring electrical parameters such as current, voltage or resistance, you depend on absolutely reliable measuring instruments. The testo 760-1 hands you a digital multimeter which sets new standards in terms of reliability.

    In comparison to standard multimeters on the market, with the testo 760-1 there is no need to first select the measuring sockets and then the measurement function. The instrument detects the appropriate measurement parameter via the socket assignment all on its own – and so rules out any dangerous incorrect settings.

    The operation of the multimeter is easier and more modern than ever. The traditional dial is replaced by function keys, enabling you to control the instrument with just one hand. And thanks to the large, illuminated display you can see your readings clearly at a glance. The testo 760-1 has the most important functions for your daily measuring tasks and is therefore the ideal entry-level instrument in the digital multimeter class.


    testo 760-1 multimeter, including batteries, 1 set of measuring cables (0590 0010) and instruction manual.

    DC voltage

    Measuring range
    1 {%S3} to 600 V
    max. 1 mA
    ± (0.8 % of mv + 3 Digit)

    AC voltage

    Measuring range
    1 mV to 600 V
    max. 1.0 mV
    ± (1.0 % of mv + 3 Digit)

    DC current

    Measuring range
    0.1 mA to 10 A
    max. 0.1
    ± (1.5 % of mv + 5 Digit)

    Ideal for measuring all important electrical parameters

    • Automatic detection and selection of measurement parameters, operation via function keys, large illuminated display

    Overview of applications

    • Testing voltage supply in live wires, current measurement in the lower measuring range, continuity tests on switching components, resistance measurement of sensors or motor windings