testo Saveris Base - incl. GSM module

Order-Nr.  0572 0260

  • Up to 150 probes can be connected

  • Graphical display, 4 control keys

  • Interfaces: radio, Ethernet, USB

  • Alarm relay for connecting alarm transmitters

The Saveris Base is the heart of our professional measuring data monitoring system. It collects and analyzes measuring data from up to 150 sensors and triggers an alarm when thresholds are breached.

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Product Description

The base is the heart of testo Saveris and can save 40,000 readings per measurement channel, independently of the PC. This corresponds to around one year of memory capacity at a measuring rate of 15 minutes, or a total 18,000,000 readings. The system data and alarms are visible via the display of the Saveris base.

The base also features an alarm relay for connecting alarm transmitters such as lights or horns. The integrated emergency battery guarantees maximum data security in the event that the power supply fails.

Please note that no mains unit or antenna with magnetic foot is included.

Delivery Scope

testo Saveris base, radio frequency 2.4 GHz, including table base and wall bracket.


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