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Flexible flue gas probe

0600 9770
  • For flue gas measurements on heating system burners
  • With extremely flexible plastic probe shaft
  • Used for measurements at difficult-to-access measurement sites
  • Connectable to flue gas analyzer by bayonet fitting
  • Our flexible flue gas probe helps you to carry out flue gas measurements even on difficult-to-access measurement apertures. Since the probe shaft is made of very flexible plastic, you can easily bend it, allowing it to be inserted into exhaust flues which are obstructed (e.g. by sloping ceilings).

    In measurements on heating system burners, obstructed measurement apertures can occur (e.g. due to sloping roofs, cramped basement rooms). In these cases, straight flue gas probes can only be inserted into the flue with great difficulty. With flexible flue gas probes made of metal, there is a danger that the probe shaft is over-bent, and can break.

    Our flexible flue gas probe offers the ideal solution to this problem: The probe shaft is made of flexible plastic, and can thus be bent very easily without breaking. This allows you to carry out flue gas measurements without any problems, at any measurement site.

    The flexible flue gas probe can be used at temperatures up to 180 °C, and for short periods even up to 200 °C.

    Purchasing the flexible flue gas probe is recommended if you previously do not own the modular flue gas probe (but a compact flue gas probe instead, for example). If you already have a Testo modular flue gas probe available to you, we recommend purchasing our flexible probe shaft (0554 9770), which you can attach to your existing flue gas probe.

    Flexible flue gas probe, connectable to the flue gas analyzer by bayonet fitting.

    General technical data

    Diameter probe shaft
    9 mm
    Cable length
    2.2 m
    Length probe shaft
    330 mm
    Product colour
    Temperature maximum
    180 °C
    454 g
    briefly +200 ° C