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Measuring instruments for indoor air quality and comfort levels

For an optimal indoor climate.

Regular measurements of indoor air quality and comfort at workplaces allow for precise adjustment of the room climate.

Testo measuring devices help you ensure a comfortable climate in all rooms.

Reliable indoor air quality and thermal comfort measurement

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Additional climatic factors for an optimal indoor climate

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Every flow measurement under control - in ducts or at outlets

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Measuring comfort and indoor air quality in accordance with standards

The universal air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument testo 400

With the universal climate measuring device testo 400, you can check all parameters of indoor air quality and comfort according to current guidelines and standards: Objective statement on thermal comfort thanks to PMV/PPD measurement according to DIN EN ISO 7730

  • Objective statement on thermal comfort thanks to PMV/PPD measurement according to DIN EN ISO 7730

  • Standard-compliant determination of turbulence, draughts, and indoor air quality according to DIN EN ISO 7730

  • Determination of comfort levels at hot work stations WBGT measurement

Overview of our product recommendations for you

Multifunctional air meters


testo 440

Multifunctional testo 440

Versatility in a compact design


testo 400

Universal measuring instrument testo 400

One measuring instrument for all climate-related parameters


Monitoring indoor air quality

The carbon dioxide concentration and the indoor air quality in interiors are deemed to be the most important indicators that the quality of the indoor air is good enough.

  • Evaluate indoor air quality through CO2- and other measurements

  • CO2 concentration should not exceed 1000 ppm

Testo offers you numerous measuring devices, which are particularly suitable for measuring these parameters.

Practical guide

Indoor air quality and comfort level in the workplace

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What does indoor air quality mean?

Monitoring indoor air quality in practice

What is thermal comfort level?

Reasons for using measuring technology

Actions taken by a measuring technology technician in the event of a complaint

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PRO measuring programs to increase the efficiency of your applications

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Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled testo measuring devices.


Reports can be sent directly via email.


All measured values ​​at a glance.


Intuitive measurement menus.


Free download, free use


PRO measuring programs

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