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The Testo thermal imagers for maintenance.

See more. Intervene in time.
The Testo thermal imagers for preventive maintenance.
With the best image in their class.

Developed for your measurement tasks.

Your challenge

Through preventive maintenance, you ensure that machines never come to an unscheduled standstill, that processes run smoothly and that energy costs decrease instead of increasing. You have to do all this as efficiently as possible. How can Testo support you?

The testo 883. Perfect for professionals.

The thermal imager testo 883 leaves nothing to be desired. Its outstanding thermal image quality and useful additional features save time and ensure perfect work results. Sees everything, thinks for you.

  • Best image quality: IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with SuperResolution 640 x 480 pixels)

  • testo SiteRecognition: reliable measurement location recognition and automatic image management

  • Smart and wireless measurement and documentation with the testo 770-3 clamp meter and the testo Thermography App

  • Manual focus and interchangeable lenses

The thermal imagers testo 865, testo 868, testo 871 and testo 872 - now even better.

Now even better.

The four optimized thermal imagers for all preventive maintenance requirements: Theese are the models testo 865, testo 868, testo 871 and testo 872.

Even smaller temperature differences visibledue to an improved NETD

Sharper real imageswith our 5 MP digital camera

Work fasterWork faster thanks to an even more intuitive menu with a modern tile appearance

Easier workdue to automatic measuring range switching

Perfect for entry-level users and all-rounders.

The thermal imager in maintenance: Everything reliably in view

Detect even the smallest defects at an early stage

  • See 4 times more with testo SuperResolution

  • Better thermal images with more details

  • Standard thermal image: 320 x 240 pixels

  • testo SuperResolution thermal image: 640 x 480 pixels

  • Uses the natural movement of the hand

  • Assembles five slightly offset images into one image

  • Real temperature values

Available in the image saved in the gallery and in the analysis software testo IRSoft.

Uninterrupted digital documentation of measurements

Clear measurement point management: testo SiteRecognition

  • For recurring measurement of similar measurement objects

  • Detects objects and automatically assigns thermal images correctly

  • Prevents thermal image confusion, saving time by eliminating manual image mapping.

More knowledge – better measurements

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All Testo thermal imaging cameras in comparison

The requirements vary. All our thermal imagers offer the same excellent value for money.
And yet: Sometimes it’s the details that make a difference.

Here you will find an overview of all technical data such as infrared resolution, thermal sensitivity and even time-saving additional functions.

Compact knowledge thermal imagers

You have the challenges – our thermal imagers are the solution. In this download you will find a compact overview of all the advantages of the instruments.

Electrical maintenance with thermal imagers

Malfunctions in electrical systems are often heralded by temperature rises. With a thermal imager, you can detect them immediately and plan repairs before costly failures occur.

Your advantages with Testo

A Testo thermal imager wirelessly integrates the measured values of the testo 770-3 current clamp meter. This allows you to see power, current and voltage values in the thermal image.

Mechanical maintenance with thermal imagers

For mechanical components, heat generation is a sure indication of:

  • Increasing wear

  • Lack of lubricants

  • Excessive load

You can detect these risk factors with a thermal imager without contact, during operation and from a safe distance.
Tip: Infrared measurement also supports you in filling-level control.

Your advantages with Testo

testo SiteRecognition automatically assigns thermal images to the correct measurement objects. Ideal for inspection tours with many similar measurement objects.