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Your challenge

Through preventive maintenance, you ensure that machines never come to an unscheduled standstill, that processes run smoothly and that energy costs decrease instead of increasing. You have to do all this as efficiently as possible. How can Testo support you?

The thermal imager in maintenance: Keeping an eye on everything

Identify even the smallest defects early

  • See 4 times more with testo SuperResolution
  • Better thermal images with more details
Standard thermal image: 320 x 240 pixels
testo SuperResolution thermal image: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Uses the natural movement of the hand
  • Assembles five slightly offset images into one image
  • Real temperature values

Available in the image saved in the gallery and in the analysis software testo IRSoft.

Better thermography with ergonomic construction and large display

Pistol design thermal imagers can be comfortably used with just one hand.
All Testo thermal imagers have a large display in order to be able to identify thermal anomalies immediately at a glance.

These assistance functions help to make your thermal images perfect

The distance assistant

  • Shows which measurement object can be measured from which distance
  • Ensures that surrounding objects do not falsify the temperature of the measurement object

The laser marker

  • Shows in the imager display the exact temperature of the spot the laser is pointing at
  • Avoids parallax measurement errors for more measurement reliability

The automatic hot and cold spot display

  • Automatic display of the hottest/coldest measurement point
  • Identify thermal anomalies immediately at a glance

Uniterrupted digital documentation of measurements

testo Thermography App – smart and networked

  • Share thermal images with colleagues/customers
  • Remote control via smartphone/tablet
  • Fast analysis of thermal images
  • Easy documentation on site
  • Free download for iOS and Android
testo Thermography App

Analysis software testo IRSoft

Analyze thermal images precisely

  • Extensive, detailed analysis possibilities
  • Professional documentation with report assistant and report templates
  • Licence-free download
testo IRSoft

Clear measurement location management

  • For repeated measurement of similar measurement objects
  • Recognizes objects and allocates thermal images correctly
  • Prevents confusion of thermal images
testo SiteRecognition

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More knowledge – better measurements With these downloads

Practical guide on thermography in preventive maintenance

Thermal imager guide
Find out on 16 pages how you can use thermal imagers to optimize processes and plant availability.

Compact knowledge thermal imagers

Download Testo thermal imager
You have the challenges – our thermal imagers are the solution. In this download, you will find all advantages of the instruments in a compact overview.

Reference report: Testo 883 in maintenance

Reference report Cerdia
The thermal imager testo 883 with the automatic image management testo SiteRecognition convinces a chemical company operating worldwide.

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Electrical maintenance with thermal imagers

Malfunctions in electrical plants are often preceded by an increase in temperature. With a thermal imager, you identify these immediately and can plan repairs before costly downtimes occur.

Your advantages with Testo

A Testo thermal imager integrates the measurement values of the clamp meter testo 770-3 wirelessly. This allows you to see wattage, current and voltage values in the thermal image.

In high and medium voltage plants such as substations and overhead lines, a malfunction is usually preceded by thermal warming.

With an infrared imager, you can identify and evaluate these anomalies in order to plan maintenance measures before an interruption of the power supply occurs.

Your advantages with Testo

With our imagers’ SuperTelephoto lens, you can also comfortably record difficult-to-access measurement locations.

Mechanical maintenance with thermal imagers

In mechanical components, heat development is a sure sign of:

  • Increasing wear
  • Lack of lubricant
  • Overload

You identify these risk factors with a thermal imager without contact, during continuing operation and from a safe distance.
Tip: Infrared measurement also supports you in monitoring filling levels.

Your advantages with Testo

testo SiteRecognition allocates thermal images automatically to the right measurement objects. Ideal for inspection tours with many similar measurement objects.

In high-temperature plants in the metal, chemical and building material industries, thermography is used for monitoring product quality as well as for preventive maintenance.

Your advantages with Testo

  • Thermal images up to 1200 °C
  • Panorama image assistant for complete images of larger plants

Videos: Testo thermal imagers in use

Cables, contactors and fuses: Thermal imagers in electrical maintenance

Shafts, bearings and motors: Thermal imagers in mechanical maintenance

Would you welcome some advice?

Use our online product configurator to find the perfect thermal imager for your applications and requirements.

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