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1.1. Functional testing and settings for gas-fired systems

The work steps and tips described here illustrate the essential elements of functional checking and configuration when commissioning atmospheric gas boilers and condensing boilers. Activities to be carried out on forced-draught gas burners are not included.

Checking the gas connection pressure

Possible consequences of incorrect gas pressure

Gas pressure too high

  • Flame goes out

  • Incomplete combustion

  • High CO concentration (danger of poisoning)

  • High gas consumption

Gas pressure too low

  • Flame goes out

  • High flue gas losses

  • High O2 content

  • Low CO2 content

1.2. Setting the gas-air ratio

The aim of environmentally-friendly system operation is complete combustion of the fuel and the best possible utilization of the system. The combustion air volume setting is a crucial parameter for optimum operation. In practice, a small amount of excess air has proved to be ideal for system operation. A little more air is supplied for combustion than would be theoretically necessary.

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