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Practical guide on thermography in preventive maintenance

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See more. with thermal imagers from Testo.with thermal imagers from Testo.

When it comes to maintaining buildings and technical systems, thermography has proved to be an indispensable aid. With the help of invisible infrared radiation, it is not only the function and condition of electrical and mechanical systems that can be monitored reliably. Weak spots and wear can also be detected at an early stage and non-destructively and thus remedied in good time. Furthermore, thermography provides excellent services for quality control and fill level measurement in production plants.

In facility management, for example, it enables optimum control of heating systems as well as simple and safe testing of electrical systems. No wonder then that the use of thermography is required in various standards and guidelines and that some insurance companies require their customers to regularly assess the insured equipment and facilities thermographically. Companies that refrain from regular thermographic inspections will therefore be subject to considerable financial and legal risks in the event of personal injury and property damage.

This practical guide will introduce you to the most important fields of application of thermography and demonstrate how you can significantly improve your maintenance processes and system availability with the aid of thermal imagers.

Thermography for more safety and efficiency in facility management.

Plant operation and safety, operating costs, and energy consumption – facility managers not only have to keep an eye on a number of factors, but also have to improve the efficiency of systems and processes at the same time.


Inspecting electrical systems

Overheated connections in a control cabinet indicate potential or actual defects. A thermal imager from Testo can detect anomalies such as these without contact and during operation, before downtimes can even occur.

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