Monitoring and documentation of pressure and temperature efficiently simplified

The testo 191 HACCP data logger system for pasteurization, sterilization and freeze-drying processes is the intelligent solution for monitoring temperature and pressure in thermal preservation processes.

The system consists of:

  • 5 data loggers
  • 1 multifunction case
  • 1 x professional software

All components provide you with support in monitoring process and quality parameters, ensuring the correct functioning of your systems and meeting all regulatory requirements regarding documentation. Reliably, efficiently and precisely.

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The testo 191 HACCP data loggers

Data loggers

  • For temperature and pressure
  • Fast and secure battery replacement
  • Even after the battery change, the loggers remain tight
The testo 191 multifunction case

Multifunction case

  • Interface for software
  • Parallel configuration and readout of up to 8 data loggers


testo 191 professional software


  • For configuration and readout
  • Intuitively operated
  • Guided processes

Valuable expertise on sterilization and pasteurization

Application example sterilization and pasteurization
A compact application example summarizes the key aspects you need to bear in mind for the monitoring and documentation of temperature and pressure and how the testo 191 can provide you with effective support in this area.