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WiFi data loggers

Data loggers in themselves are already a practical innovation for the monitoring of numerous measurement parameters. Uses of these small aids include measuring and documenting temperature, humidity, vibration, lux, CO2 and CO.

WiFi data loggers from Testo for monitoring temperature and ambient conditions

The disadvantage of conventional models: they require manual readout. This is precisely where WiFi data loggers get to work. The instruments, which are also known as wireless data loggers, cordless data loggers or Cloud loggers, combine precise measuring technology with data transmission via WiFi.

A Testo WiFi data logger offers you the following

  • Large selection of instruments for all common parameters/measurement parameters

  • Wireless transmission of the readings to the Testo Cloud

  • Alarm notification via e-mail and/or SMS when there are violations of limit values

Radio data loggers, WiFi loggers and WLAN data loggers from Testo

This is how cordless dataloggers, Cloud loggers work.

Wireless Datenlogger sind über WLAN mit dem Internet verbunden und legen die Daten online in der Cloud ab. Das bringt vier Vorteile:

  1. Daten weit entfernter Standorte können gemeinsam verwaltet werden.

  2. Daten können jederzeit und von überall auf der Welt angesehen und analysiert werden.

  3. Alarmierungen bei Grenzwertverletzungen erfolgen sofort – sogar auf mobile Endgeräte 

  4. Es wird keine Software benötigt. Der Datenzugriff erfolgt über einen normalen Internetbrowser

Your advantages with the Testo Cloud at a glance

All measurement data. Always available.
On any device.

  • The measuring values are stored in duplicate: in the data logger and in the Cloud.

  • Your data is secure, even when there is a power outage.

  • Easy data access from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

  • No software installation required: you just need a standard Internet browser to view, manage and analyse your data.

  • Comprehensive alarm notification options directly to the terminal device of your choice (e-mail, SMS).

Which application are you interested in?

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Other data loggers

In addition to the data loggers with an Internet connection (also called Cloud loggers), there are many more data logger options for a wide variety of measuring tasks. These data loggers make sure that the measurement parameters which are relevant to your application are monitored securely and reliably.

Find the appropriate data logger here

Precise measuring technology in a compact format – that's what our data loggers stand for. Whatever measurement parameters you want to measure and monitor – we have the solution.