Minimize the risk of downtime, optimize system performance, simplify processes and workflows. Optimize your efficiency with measuring technology and solutions from Testo.

As a service technician, process engineer or facility manager, you face numerous challenges when monitoring, inspecting, maintaining and repairing industrial and building services equipment and systems:

  • Ensuring process reliability to minimize the risk of downtime

  • High time and cost pressures in the midst of staff and skills shortages

  • Extensive complexity due to a multitude of technologies and systems

  • Advancing digitalization

  • Strict standards and regulations, particularly with regard to sustainability and energy efficiency

For this you need efficient, flexible and competent support:

  • High-precision, robust and intuitive measuring technology

  • Efficient workflows and automated processes

  • Simple data management for standard-compliant documentation

Testo is a proud partner of industry and technical facility management: High-quality measuring instruments, tailor-made solutions and first-class services for optimized operation


Optimum plant efficiency

Reliable. Trouble-free. Fully compliant

Benefit from innovations that ensure efficiency, safety and sustainability. Our measurement solutions for industrial and HVAC/R systems, emissions measurement and IAQ monitoring minimize downtime and optimize costs. With high-precision measuring technology, smooth workflows and easy reporting, you can improve the performance of your plants – efficiently and compliantly

Optimized workflows:
With the testo Smart World

Networked measuring technology, seamless compatibility and innovative apps – the testo Smart World opens up unimagined possibilities in data management, cost efficiency and ensuring optimum system availability.

  • Data management: Data forms the basis of every informed decision. Testo's high-precision measuring technology provides you with the exact information you need for sustainable optimization. Fast, precise and in real time.

  • Process optimization: By automatically monitoring critical environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity and being reliably alerted when limit values are exceeded, you can reduce manual work steps and achieve significant efficiency gains at the same time.

  • Cost efficiency: By digitally recording, analyzing and documenting critical parameters, you can optimize the use of your resources and thus leverage potential savings.

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Preventive maintenance


Indoor air quality / comfort level

Indoor climate monitoring

Emissions measurement

And lots more!

Preventive maintenance. Optimum performance

Preventive maintenance goes beyond mere reactive maintenance and includes a predictive strategy to avoid breakdowns and costs. Regular preventive maintenance offers numerous advantages:

  • Avoidance of expensive system downtimes

  • Extended system service life

  • Reduced repair costs

  • Increased safety

See more. Know more.
Make the best decisions.

Thermal imagers such as the testo 883 have proven to be the ideal tool for preventive maintenance. This is because thermography is the only way to inspect plants and systems without contact or downtime, in order to detect thermal anomalies at an early stage and avoid costly repairs or breakdowns.

Excellent alternatives for your thermography jobs.

Save time and hassle with testo SiteRecognition

Clear measuring point management – testo SiteRecognition

  • For recurring measurement of similar measurement objects

  • Detects objects and automatically assigns thermal images correctly

  • Prevents thermal images from getting mixed up

More than just colourful pictures.

With the free professional software testo IRSoft

A thermal imager alone is not sufficient for top-quality thermography. Powerful analysis software is crucial for analyzing and evaluating thermal images quickly and easily and documenting them in a report.

  • Analyze and process thermal images professionally

  • Create a complete and impressive report step by step, making use of the wide range of report templates included

  • Efficient management and archiving of your images

Your smart thermography assistant.
The testo Thermography App.

Create reports quickly and easily, add additional measuring points and comments, and use smartphones or tablets as a second display for live transmission of thermal images – with the testo Thermography App, one of the innovations in the Smart World Of Testo

Other useful tools for preventive maintenance.

Clamp meter

testo 770-3

The clamp meter for special tasks.

  • Non-contact measurements on tightly packed cables

  • Connection to testo 883 and testo 872s for displaying and documenting the load values of a system

Rpm measuring instrument

testo 470

Rpm measuring instruments for ideal performance at every turn

  • For checking motors, shafts or fans

  • Measurement of rpm, speeds and lengths

  • Simple one-hand operation

Leading the way in the heat transition

For modern building management, designing efficient heating systems is crucial. This includes selecting suitable components, correctly sizing the systems and customizing them in terms of modularity and scalability. Another important point is the use of innovative heat pump technologies.

Heating measurement technology

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Measurement solutions for heating systems and heat pumps

Lower running costs and reduce CO2 emissions – for a sustainable and environmentally friendly heat supply.

Precise measurements and settings for optimizing heating systems and heat pumps.

Plus optimum networking for fast, simple and reliable implementation and documentation of all the necessary measuring tasks via the testo Smart App.

testo Smart App

Welcome to the testo Smart World: The whole world in one App.

Faster, easier, smarter: The testo Smart App brings all tools and measurements together - and documentation can also be dealt with conveniently using a smartphone or tablet. Benefit from intelligent connectivity and the unique all-in-one solution for all applications. So that not only the jobs on all heating systems are carried out smartly and effortlessly.

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Parallel measurement

Efficient and safe


Uncomplicated and safe

Customer data management

Quick and easy

Data transfer

Professional and comfortable

Second Screen

Simply comfortable

Remote Control

Simple and flexible

Effective flue gas measurement with the testo 300 NEXT LEVEL

Use the testo 300 NEXT LEVEL flue gas analyzer to carry out flue gas measurements easily and efficiently, even on larger systems:

  • Wireless parallel measurements in record time

  • Practical second screen function

  • Easy, intuitive documentation and data integration with your in-house software

Optimum installation and maintenance of heat pumps.

With the testo 570s heat pump professional kit

The testo 570s smart manifold in the heat pump professional kit is the ideal solution for heat pumps and hybrid systems thanks to its networking and reliability. A long service life of up to 360 hours and the testo Smart App for fast measurement data recording significantly increase efficiency in facility management.

More smart kits for heat pumps.

Measuring technology and solutions for refrigeration.
When speed meets precision.

In times of rising energy costs, it is becoming increasingly essential to optimize refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Thanks to Testo's innovative measuring technology, it is possible to obtain precise results quickly and easily, thus ensuring that your systems remain energy efficient and sustainable.

Refrigeration measurement technology

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The testo 570s
for the challenges of today and tomorrow

  • Safe: The testo 570s can be safely used even with A3 refrigerants.

  • Precise: Optimized measuring accuracy of 0.25% fs

  • Smart: The intelligent error analysis of the testo 570s automatically detects anomalies

This is what users say about the testo 570s

Recommended by the professionals:

Because the testo 570s connects directly to the smartphone, I can keep an eye on the ventilation system on the computer and at the same time see what the refrigeration system is doing on my cell phone. It really saves me time. What's more, the long battery life means I don't have to worry about charging it all the time.

Andreas Becker


Rox Klimatechnik GmbH

Equipped and ready to go.

With the 570s and 557s smart vacuum kits.

The new testo 565i smart vacuum pump.

Just press play

  • Eliminates time-consuming monitoring: Fully automatic evacuation with auto-stop function when target vacuum values are reached

  • Time and resource efficiency: Self-starting vacuum holding test with data logging function

  • Versatile: Compatible with A3 and A2L refrigerants

  • Even more flexibility: Evacuation control also via the testo Smart App

Testo Smart Probes:
Compact professional measuring instruments for your smartphone

The testo Smart App:
The innovative networking solution.

The testo Smart App provides comprehensive and efficient support for the commissioning/maintenance of heating systems, refrigeration systems and heat pumps as well as other HVAC/R applications:

  • Perfectly straightforward: Automatic Bluetooth pairing & easy configuration.

  • Perfectly efficient: All measured values centrally in one place, at a glance.

  • Perfectly flexible: Second screen function on tablet or smartphone.

  • Perfectly practical: Control of the measurement (remote control) and monitoring of live measurement data.

  • Perfectly paperless: Easy creation and sending of measurement reports.

  • Perfectly versatile: Measurement, documentation and data transfer of all parallel measurements on the testo 300 NEXT LEVEL via the testo Smart Probes

Parallel measurement

Efficient and reliable


Simple and secure

Customer data management

Quick and easy

Data transfer

Professional and convenient

Second screen

Simply convenient

Remote control

Easy and versatile

You can breathe a sigh of relief:
Energy efficiency and indoor climate in perfect harmony

The precise balancing of air conditioning and ventilation systems is one of the core tasks of facility managers and maintenance engineers. It improves air quality, increases energy efficiency and reduces operating costs. Testo offers a wide range of innovative measuring technology solutions specifically for measurements at vents and in ducts.

Our efficient and high-precision measuring instruments ensure accurate recording and analysis of climate parameters as well as long-term system performance consistency. As an experienced partner, Testo can help you achieve optimum results and comply with relevant regulations

Ventilation and air conditioning measuring technology

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Flexible all-rounder for all HVAC professionals

The testo 400 IAQ measuring instrument

As multifaceted as your requirements: The testo 400 IAQ measuring instrument enables you to measure all important climate parameters intuitively. With a wide range of probes and an extensive selection of matching accessories and practical kits, you can maintain control over all applications involving air conditioning and ventilation systems.

  • Intuitive menus: HVAC grid measurement as per EN ISO 12599 and ASHRAE 111, PMV/PPD and turbulence as per EN ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55

  • Convenient measurement: Bluetooth probes and extendable telescopes

  • With a differential pressure sensor: High-precision and position-independent

  • Exceptionally practical: Check out the preconfigured testo 400 kits for the most important applications.

Intuitive IAQ measurement

The testo 440 IAQ measuring instrument

The testo 440 combines versatility with maximum convenience.

  • Intuitive and clearly-structured measurement menus: Volume flow, k-factor, turbulence, heating/cooling power, mould detection, long-term measurement

  • Wireless probes: This makes for less cable clutter in the measuring case.

  • Clearly arranged display: Measurement configuration and display of readings and measurement results at a glance.

  • Exceptionally practical: Check out the preconfigured testo 440 kits for the most important applications.

Practical kits for flow measurement

Other useful tools for air flow and climate measurements.

PRO measurement program
“Air Balancing”

  • Smart-guided PRO measuring program for quick and easy balancing of air conditioning and ventilation systems

  • Compatible with testo 417 & testo 420

  • Now new in the testo Smart App

Indoor air quality and comfort level.
The invisible driver of productivity.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a crucial aspect that goes far beyond simply the well-being of employees. Studies have shown that good indoor air quality correlates directly with increased productivity and improved employee health. As a facility manager, you play a central role in monitoring and optimizing indoor air quality and the associated compliance with standards and specifications.

Modern measurement technology makes it possible to record and regulate key factors such as CO2 concentrations, humidity and pollutant levels with precision. Investing in effective IAQ management not only pays off in the form of a healthier working environment, but also by optimizing the efficiency of the HVAC systems.

Measuring technology for indoor air quality

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Maintain a complete overview of the indoor climate.

With the testo 400 kit for IAQ and comfort level measurement

Ideal kit for IAQ professionals, with a focus on indoor air quality and comfort level. Includes a measuring tripod to ensure standard-compliant positioning of probes. Incidentally: In combination with the IAQ data logger, which is available to order separately, long-term measurements up to 2 weeks can be recorded, even without the IAQ measuring instrument.

  • A measuring instrument for all climate-related parameters

  • Standard-compliant determination of the comfort level: PMV and PPD as well as draught and turbulence as per EN ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55

Other useful tools for indoor climate measurements.

Flexible monitoring for safe processes.

The continuous monitoring and documentation of critical climate parameters is crucial for numerous production and storage processes in industry and facility management. In some areas, this is also defined by corresponding regulatory and legal requirements, and compliance with the relevant limit values is mandatory. But which measuring solution is ideal for measuring and documenting parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and shock?

Three methods have become established for monitoring quality-relevant environmental parameters: Data loggers, radio data logger systems and automated monitoring systems. Needless to say, these three also form an integral part of the Smart World Of Testo.

Data loggers & monitoring systems

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Data loggers: Compact and efficient

Compact, precise and reliable, the data loggers monitor relevant environmental parameters for you, such as temperature and humidity in warehouses and offices, in production or during transport.

Radio data logger systems:
As flexible as you need them to be.

  • Completely wireless data logging and transmission via WLAN

  • Comprehensive selection of radio data loggers and sensors

  • Measured values are automatically saved and documented in the Testo cloud

  • Real-time access to data and alarms in the event of critical values via SMS/e-mail

Radio data logger system testo Saveris 2

Whether in facility management or for quality assurance of processes in storage and production: testo Saveris 2 can be used wherever temperature and humidity need to be continuously monitored. With the flexible system, you can be sure of complying with standards and regulations, optimize processes, ensure quality and increase your efficiency.

An overview of the testo Saveris 2 data loggers

Automated monitoring systems:
Optimum safety

  • More efficiency: Fully automated monitoring and documentation of temperature and humidity

  • More security: Multi-level data backup

  • More flexibility: Access to stored data independent of location

  • Faster response times: Alarm options when limit values are exceeded

Monitoring system testo Saveris 1

The quality of products and processes leaves no room for compromise. And that's why testo Saveris 1 supports you in four different ways. The environmental monitoring system records and analyzes critical environmental data, alerts you if limit values are violated and can help you optimize your processes. For this, the all-in-one solution uses three performance-related components: Sensors, software and services

Sensors: Precise & reliable

Flexible recording of important measuring values.

Software: Safe & intuitive

Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all measurement parameters.

Services: Comprehensive & personalized

Competent support throughout all process steps – customer-orientated and targeted.

Temperature and humidity measurement.
Here, quality matters.

Precise measurement of temperature and humidity is essential to ensure optimal production conditions and guarantee quality. For industrial companies, this means prioritizing the control of these environmental variables in order to achieve consistency in production while also using resources efficiently.

Compact temperature professionals in Testo quality.

Pressure measurement for smooth operation.

Pressure measurement is crucial in facility management and technical maintenance in order to operate HVAC systems efficiently and detect leaks and pressure drops at an early stage. It contributes significantly to performance optimization and energy efficiency and extends the service life of systems.

Work at your best under pressure.

Efficiency that pays off.

Increased efficiency through optimization: A key factor for your energy and fuel consumption as well as the associated costs. To ensure ideal efficiency for your industrial incineration plant, it is essential to carefully analyze the flue gas and precisely determine the proportions of O2, CO and CO2. These values make it possible to calculate the excess air, which must be minimized. This is because lower excess air leads to greater efficiency of your plant – and therefore to a significant increase in your profit.

testo 350 – emission measurement to meet the highest demands.

The testo 350 flue gas analyzer sets standards in professional flue gas analysis and industrial emission measurement. With its ability to fulfil a wide range of measurement and analysis tasks, it is not only impressive because of its heavy-duty industrial design, but also because of its suitability for complex data acquisition. The testo 350 therefore offers flexibility in terms of handling as well as optimum system efficiency – and all this, of course, is aided and supported by Testo's many years of expertise in flue gas analysis and emissions measurement

Industrial flue gas analysis

Developed to fulfil extreme requirements.

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Flue gas analysis optimized for industry.

The testo 340 flue gas analyzer

The testo 340 is the ideal hand-held measuring instrument thanks to its exceptionally compact design, which combines reliable technology with maximum mobility. This combination makes it the perfect tool for international service jobs as well as for commissioning and checking industrial combustion and power generation plants. With the testo 340, you benefit from flexibility of use and our extensive expertise in measurement technology in the field of flue gas and emissions.

Flue gas measurement smarter than ever.

The testo 300 NEXT LEVEL flue gas analyzer

The combination of flexibility, efficiency and smart technology. Thanks to the integrated BLUETOOTH® CONNECTOR, the TÜV-certified testo 300 NEXT LEVEL enables automatic connection to the testo Smart Probes – for efficient, wireless measurement of up to four additional parameters simultaneously. You can also complete your documentation easily and intuitively while on site, including sending your measurement data by e-mail via the testo Smart App or transferring the readings to your in-house software.

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