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The perfect probe for any application

Customized sensor

Looking for a specific probe to meet your requirements, but can't find it in our range?

We can adapt our standard probes specifically to your needs:

  • Length and diameter of the probe

  • Length and material of the connection cable

  • Measuring range and accuracy of the probe

Moreover, we also develop and produce probes tailored to your individual specifications.


You will receive your customized probe in a minimum order quantity of one unit.

Express orders can be manufactured within 48 hours*. The standard delivery time is 15 working days. We will calibrate your probe on request.

Exactly the way you need it.​

*depending on the availability of materials for customized probes

What is meant by accuracy?

The deviation of a value, obtained by measurements, from the true value of the measurement parameter is called error of measurement or accuracy. ​

Does your measuring task require greater accuracy?

We can manufacture a customized probe with the specifications you require.

How we achieve higher accuracy:

  • by using a higher-precision sensor

  • by implementing a tailored design

Advice on customized probes

Would you like personal advice on Testo's customized probes?

Call us on telephone number 07653-834-9692 or use the contact form.

Based on your information, we would be happy to draw up a no-obligation quote for your own personal customized probe.