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Minimalistic design.

Maximum control.

Monitoring system testo 160

Small and inconspicuous:
The deco-cover for testo 160

With the deco-cover for testo 160, your exhibits are always the focus. Thanks to the customisable housing cover, you can integrate the WiFi data logger perfectly and discreetly into any exhibition.

The deco-cover offers numerous design options – which means the WiFi data logger can be adapted to blend in perfectly with its surroundings so it remains unobtrusive.

  • Decorate

  • Paint

  • Spray

Testo Deco cover

Deco cover for
testo 160 TH / THE / E

To the product

Deco cover for
testo 160 THL

To the product

Deco cover for
testo 160 IAQ

To the product

Connectable external probes

Monitoring in glass display cases

  • Ideal for glass display cases in which a logger cannot be placed

  • Sensors for °C, %RH, Lux, mW/m2

  • Also for air conditioned cases

The Testo Cloud

Everything in view all the time

  • Simply transfer measurement values by wireless LAN to the online store

  • Call up data at any time

  • Via normal browser

Alarm functions in cases of limit value violations

Always on guard

  • Immediate alarm notification by SMS and/or e-mail

  • Separate alarm for light intensity