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CO meter

Always keep an eye on CO content in air: for optimum ambient conditions Testo's CO meters mean you are ideally equipped – and can do your job even more reliably, professionally and quickly.

The perfect solution for every requirement

The highest permissible concentration of carbon monoxide in the workplace is 30 ppm (parts per million). Escaping carbon monoxide can very quickly accumulate to a life-threatening extent in enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces. A Testo carbon monoxide meter enables reliable detection of this insidious gas.

A Testo CO meter has the following qualities

  • Can immediately be used at lightning speed without any zeroing phase.

  • Detects carbon monoxide in the environment, even in the smallest of concentrations.

  • Easy and safe to handle.

  • Optical and acoustic alarm if limit values are exceeded.

CO measurement made easy: CO meters from Testo

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What is CO?

Carbon monoxide is a combustion gas (harmful gas) that is released when combustion processes are incomplete. The most frequent day-to-day sources of CO are:

  • petrol engines

  • gas ovens

  • heating systems

  • solid fuels, such as wood and charcoal.

Carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless and prevents the blood from taking up oxygen when too great a concentration is breathed in. Breathing in a CO concentration of 700 ppm in an enclosed space leads to death after around 3 hours in an adult.

This is how to deal with flue gas analysis reliably and efficiently

A dangerous gas like carbon monoxide requires measuring instruments which are particularly reliable. To be on the safe side, you have to know which CO meter detects flue gas absolutely reliably. You should take the following into consideration:

The carbon monoxide meter with alarm function for fast checking

Thanks to its simple and robust design, the testo 317-3 is the ideal tool for absolutely reliable routine measurement of the CO concentration on oil and gas systems. The belt clip on your clothing means it is always to hand.

Measure CO using the testo 317-3:

  • CO quickly determined: no zeroing phase means the instrument is ready for use straight away.

  • Always perfectly prepared: thanks to permanent CO probe.

  • Doubly reliable: gives an optical and acoustic warning when CO is present.

  • CO measuring range in flue gas or indoor air: 0 to 1,999 ppm.

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