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CO2 data loggers

The CO2 concentrations inside rooms or areas can have an influence on human well-being, as well as on stored products and goods.

Measuring instruments for gas concentrations

It is all the more important to have detailed measurement available, so as to be able to respond quickly if the values move in the wrong direction. The use of a data logger for CO2 enables CO2 recording to be carried out. The design of data loggers for measuring gas concentrations allows the data to be displayed and analyzed.

If you need a CO2 logger, there are some factors which have an important role to play when it comes to selection:

  • detailed display of the values

  • data protection, even when there is a loss of power

  • combination of the measurement of gas, temperature and humidity

  • precise measuring instruments

  • easy handling

Product details and applications

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CO₂ recording – benefit from the detailed display of measuring values

The CO2 concentration in buildings can have different levels. Various factors play a role here. The concentration can itself have a significant influence on the indoor air quality. An optimization of ventilation behaviour is generally required, particularly in rooms where many people are active. Unpleasant odours are an indication that the CO2 concentration is too high. This may lead to headaches and discomfort. A CO2 logger makes it possible to get an overview of the level of concentration. This enables a better evaluation of where an adjustment of ventilation behaviour is still possible.

Analysis of the measurement results should be carried out as regularly as possible. Nevertheless, it is important for you to be able to respond quickly, especially when measuring CO₂ values. A good data logger has a visual and acoustic prompt when the standard values are exceeded. You can input the standard values yourself and thus determine what concentration should not be exceeded.

Another point when purchasing is data storage. It may of course be the case that the instrument has no more mains power or rechargeable battery. It is annoying if data are lost in these circumstances, and it may lead to long-term problems. Integrated data storage, even if there is a power outage, is therefore recommended.

Carbon dioxide recording – practical and clear display

The CO2 data logger is used in different areas for carbon dioxide recording. The recording itself is particularly important for you, in order to enable an effective and long-term analysis of the gas values. In some cases, it may be helpful to make use of a data monitoring system. The system passes the data on to a PC or smartphone. A connection to an acoustic alarm is also possible here.

Regardless of whether it is intended to use the instrument for data measurement in the industrial sector or also in office areas, schools or nursery schools, accurate measurement has various advantages:

  • long-term overview of the evolution of CO2 exposure

  • fast response to incorrect values

  • getting gas exposure under control faster

Data logger versions from Testo

Radio data loggers

Fully automatic systems with easy installation and operation.


testo 174 T

Temperature data logger

Practical aids for temperature monitoring.


testo 175 H1

Humidity data logger

Reliable measurement and documentation of humidity and temperature values.


testo 176 P1

Pressure data logger

Detailed monitoring of pressure and other values.

UV data logger

Effective monitoring and documentation of exposure to light and UV radiation.


testo 184 G1

shock data logger

Recording of vibrations for the optimum transport monitoring.

Finding Testo CO₂ data loggers online

With a Testo CO2 data logger, you get an instrument which enables optimal use thanks to its easy handling. The professional measurements make it possible to get a very good overview of the gas exposure.

Combining the data logger for CO2 with further instruments is also recommended in order to ensure optimum ambient conditions. You can therefore use a data logger for temperature or a data logger for temperature and humidity. In some cases, the CO2 measuring instruments are already provided with an additional temperature measurement facility.

If there is also a need to get an overview of the UV values, investing in a UV data logger may be worthwhile. For areas involving movement, such as transport, a shock data logger can also provide important measurement data.