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UV data loggers

A UV data logger is capable of recording the exposure to light in specific areas and thus enabling easy control. There are a wide diversity of products and also goods which can be negatively or positively affected by light. The UV logger detects when defined limit values are reached. You determine what these limit values are.

UV data loggers – instruments for a variety of fields of application

You have the possibility of setting up the instrument. Constant control of light influences enables fast detection when changes occur in this area. This allows you to respond in the manner required to protect the products. Many of the UV loggers are also capable of measuring other data, such as humidity or temperature.

Tips for buying a data logger for UV radiation:

  • Take the integrated sensors into consideration

  • Go for effective data storage

  • Radio instruments can transmit measurement data quickly

Products for the measurement and recording of UV radiation

Applications for your UV data logger

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Recording of UV radiation – when does it make sense?

The question as to whether you need a UV logger depends on what you want to protect against radiation or on what influence light can have on your products. Light data loggers are used particularly frequently when exhibitions and special exhibits or archived material are involved.

If you for instance put exhibits on show in a display cabinet, it may become necessary to monitor the ambient conditions in the cabinet. In this case, it makes sense to combine the UV data logger with a data logger for temperature and humidity. Thus, paper for example has a sensitive reaction to light and humidity, as well as UV radiation, when it reaches a certain age. Changes in the display cabinet can therefore result in damage to the paper.

Lux data logger as part of the data monitoring system

Is it your responsibility to make sure various parameters are kept under control within defined ranges? In this case, it may not be enough simply to use a light data logger. Instead, it is helpful to make use of a complete data monitoring system. This system comprises several segments. You have the radio meter, which is able to disseminate the data. A WiFi data logger may be a very good choice. This means you can connect to the network more easily.

The base is another segment of the data monitoring system, because it contains the alarm visualization and saves the incoming values. Now, you just need to equip the system with a specific software package. The software helps you to analyze results and generate reports. You thus have an area where all the values converge. This makes it easier to carry out the monitoring efficiently.

Order Testo UV data loggers easily

Would you like to work with a data logger for UV radiation and carry out UV recording effectively? Access to modern instruments offers the optimum solution in this respect. The data loggers in Testo's range are state of the art. They are instruments which are capable of achieving sophisticated results with very little effort. This gives you the advantage of being able to keep an eye on how the light environment evolves and to respond quickly to this, so as to ensure exhibits or products are protected. The detailed descriptions of Testo’s instruments also make it easy for you to find suitable technical solutions.

Data logger versions from Testo

Radio data loggers

Fully automatic systems with easy installation and operation.


testo 174 T

Temperature data logger

Practical aids for temperature monitoring.


testo 175 H1

Humidity data logger

Reliable measurement and documentation of humidity and temperature values.


testo 176 P1

Pressure data logger

Detailed monitoring of pressure and other values.


testo 160 IAQ

CO2 data logger

Perfect for measuring gas values in living and working areas.


testo 184 G1

shock data logger

Recording of vibrations for the optimum transport monitoring.

Supplementary instruments for monitoring ambient conditions:

  • shock data logger

  • CO2 data kigger

  • CO data logger

  • UV data logger

  • temperature data logger

  • temperature / humidity data logger

  • pressure data logger