Flue gas analysers from Testo

For domestic and commercial boiler servicing

Testo manufacture and supply combustion analysers for all applications, from basic domestic boiler testing through to the needs of commercial boiler engineers. Most Testo flue gas analysers are multi-function devices that also allow heating engineers to test gas pressures, flow and return temperatures, and some models also offering additional probes for measurement of ambient CO  & CO2.

What to expect from your Testo flue gas analyser:

  • Simple to use and reliable flue gas measurement for all commonly used UK fuels
  • Affordable service plan
  • A wide range of optional accessories

Testo analysers for flue gas measurement

The truly smart analyser: testo 300

Flue gas analyzer testo 300

 The new flue gas analyser testo 300 with smart-touch technology.


  • Intuitive measurement menus with smart-touch operation
  • Efficient documentation with professional reports sent by e-mail
  • Secure investment in quality sensors of the newest generation

Welcome to the Smart World of Testo.

Commercial Heating Case Study


Lord Combustion Services improve efficiency, ensure accuracy and deliver paperless reporting with testo Bluetooth HVAC measuring instruments

Simple: testo 310

Flue gas analyzer testo 310
  • Basic analyser for domestic fga tests
  • Fixed probe
  • Robust and light instrument for daily use
  • Integrated measurement menu for flue gas, draught, CO ambient air and pressure
  • Quick sensor zero in only 30 seconds




Robust: testo 327

327 flue gas PoP.jpg
  • New kits
  • Covers 5 main domestic fga tests
  • Flue gas, draught, tightness & Let-by, ambient CO
  • Diff. temperature & pressure with advanced kits
  • Pump shut down to protect against high CO




The new: testo 300

Flue gas analyzer testo 320
  • New kits
  • Clear operation via colour display
  • Intuitive touch operation
  • Send reports by wireless LAN
  • Covers 5 main domestic fga tests
  • Flue gas, draught, tightness & Let-by, ambient CO
  • Diff. temperature probes and pressure connection set with advanced kits
  • Pump shutdown to protect against high CO
  • testo 300 LongLife models available

 Professional: testo 300 LL

Flue gas analyzer testo 330-1/-2
  • NOx sensor ready
  • Long life 6-year sensors
  • Intuitive, smart, efficient measurement menus
  • On site documentation and e-mailing of reports
  • Fast response smart touch operation
  • Up to 30,000 ppm




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Other measuring instruments for heating engineers

In addition to the most important parameters of flue gas measurement, Testo can also offer a wide range of instruments for measuring parameters such as temperature, smoke number, ambient CO, ambient CO2, gas pressure & leak detection, & and many others. Here are some of our most popular products.

testo 865 thermal imaging camera

  • Very good image quality: IR resolution of 160 x 120 pixels, via integrated testo SuperResolution Technology 320 x 240 pixels
  • Measuring accuracy of ±2°C and visualizing temperature differences from 0.12°C

testo Smart Probes heating kit

  • Non-contact temperature measurement, measurement of flow and return temperature as well as gas flow pressure
  • Display measurement data as a graph or table and analyze and send via testo Smart App

testo Smart Probes differential kit

  • Measurement data analysed and sent via testo Smart App
  • Gas flow and static pressure as well as pressure drop test including alarm function, flow and return temperature, temperatures of underfloor heating and radiators

testo 316-1 Gas Leak Detector

  • Fast reaction to even the smallest gas quantities
  • Flexible probe reaches the most difficult-to-access places; audible and optical alarm as soon as leak is detected
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testo Infrared Thermometer

  • Fast surface measurement of radiators, pipework, etc
  • 2-point laser sight for measurement area accuracy, optional contact thermocouple input
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testo 510 Digital Manometer

  • Ideal for gas pressure or flue draught measurement
  • Simple operation with selectable scacle units
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testo 317-3 Ambient CO Detector

  • Fast detection of ambient CO levels when working in bolier/ plant rooms, etc.
  • 3-year sensor warranty, adjustable alarm (visual and audible)
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