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Full service for quality and safety

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Testo offers you the right measuring instrument or measuring system for every measurement.

Testo sets standards for accuracy and user-friendliness for every measurement parameter.

Should you ever notice a malfunction in your Testo measuring instrument, please contact your local authorised Testo partner or send them your measuring instrument together with a brief description of the fault. They will rectify the fault and return the measuring instrument to you as quickly as possible.

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Looking for flue gas analyser and digital manifold servicing?

Flue gas analyser service

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Our new service plan offers simplified and cost effective pricing, reducing the cost of ownership over the term of the below service plans.

 Our service covers:

  • Functional analyser check

  • Calibration of measuring sensors

  • Calibration of flue temperature

  • Calibration of pressure sensor

  • Calibration certificate

  • 24h express service and accidental cover available on request

The right probe for every application.

Check our our new service tiers

Our new manifold service & calibration pricing offers our customers a more upfront and versatile method of getting their manifolds tested, serviced & calibrated. 

We offer competitive turnaround times on all testo manifolds and can also apply Tier 1 to all non-testo digital & analogue manifolds. Our Tier 2 pricing includes all labour required to exact any repairs necessary to all testo models.

Calibration includes 5 measuring points across the range of unit under test, both increasing and decreasing pressure. We also perform an extensive, heat compensated, overnight leakage test

Calibration, qualification, validation and test equipment management

Calibration, qualification, validation and test equipment management

Full service for quality and safety

Whether in the automotive, pharmaceutical or food industry or in mechanical engineering - reliable measurement results and the availability of high-quality test and measurement equipment are essential for ensuring product quality.

Our subsidiary Testo Industrial Services supports you every day in ensuring quality and always complying with the relevant standards and guidelines.

You receive all the necessary services from a single source:

Calibration, test equipment management, qualification and validation.

The right probe for every application.

Customised probes

Do you need a special sensor for your requirements and can't find it in our range?

We customise our standard probes specifically to your requirements:

  • Length and diameter of the probe

  • Length and material of the connecting cable

  • Measuring range and accuracy of the probe

We also develop and produce customised probes according to your requirements.

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