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The right sensor for every application

Customised sensors

Do you need a special sensor for your requirements and can't find it in our range?

We customise our standard probes to meet your specific requirements:

Length and diameter of the probe

Length and material of the connecting cable

Measuring range and accuracy of the probe

We also develop and produce customised probes according to your requirements.


You will receive your customised sensor from an order size of just one piece.

Rush orders can be produced within 48 hours*. The standard delivery time is 15 working days. We can calibrate your sensor on request.

Just as you need it.

*depending on material availability for customised sensors

What is meant by measuring range?

The measuring range of a measuring device or sensor is the range of a measured variable in which the measurement deviations remain within defined limits.

Is the measuring range not within your desired specifications?

We can manufacture a customised sensor with an extended measuring range for you.

This extends the measuring range:

  • Use of an alternative sensor

  • Use of more robust materials

Advice on customised probes

Would you like personal advice on customised probes from Testo?

Call us on the telephone number 01420 544433

Use the contact form

Based on your details, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding quotation for your individual customised probe.


Top 10 Customised Probes

Waterproof stainless steel penetration temperature probe for ovens, smoking chambers etc.

Surface probe with telescope

Calibratable temperature probe for laboratories, forensic medicine and pathology

Analogue low temperature probe with piercing tip

Hot air sensors for use in baking and pizza ovens

Digital low temperature sensors

Surface temperature sensors for soldering iron tips

Magnetic surface sensors for dirty areas 1

Magnetic surface sensor for dirty areas 2

Needle probe for measuring the cooking temperature of grilled food

Insertion probe for flat cables

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