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testo 883-1 kit - testo 883-1 thermal imager with with 30° and 12° lenses and accessories

0563 8830
£ 4,369.00 £ 5,242.80
  • Image quality with IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with testo SuperResolution technology 640 × 480 pixels)
  • Thermal sensitivity <0.04 °C
  • In the kit: testo 883 thermal imager including standard lens 30° x 23°, telephoto lens 12° x 9°, spare battery, battery-charging station and case
  • Free analytical software for creating professional reports
  • Measurement site recognition and automatic image management
  • App for analysis and creating on-site measurement reports
  • The perfect kit for thermal imaging: The testo 883-1 thermal imager features the best image quality plus useful features for image management, contrast adjustment and documentation. Enjoy the benefits that the kit offers: Thanks to the 12° x 9° telephoto lens, spare battery and battery-charging station, you’ll be ready to start straight away and ideally equipped – even for carrying out measurements at greater distances and for long measuring applications.
    • Image quality with IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with testo SuperResolution technology 640 x 480 pixels)

    • testo 883-1 thermal imager with standard lens 30° x 23°
    • Telephoto lens 12° x 9°
    • Robust case
    • Professional software IRSoft (free download)
    • USB-C cable
    • USB mains unit
    • Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • Spare rechargeable battery
    • Battery-charging station with USB cable
    • Carrying strap for the thermal imager
    • Bluetooth® headset (depending on the country)
    • Short instructions
    • Calibration protocol


  • Accessories
    Spare rechargeable battery for thermal imager
    Spare rechargeable battery for thermal imager
      0554 8831
      £ 114.00 £ 136.80
    • Accessories
      Battery-charging station
      Battery-charging station, desktop charging station
        0554 8801
        £ 230.00 £ 276.00
      • Accessories
        Special Germanium protective glass
        Special Germanium protective glass for thermal imager
          0554 8805
          £ 334.00 £ 400.80
        • Accessories
          Adhesive tape, e.g. for reflective surfaces
          Emission tape for measurements on reflective surfaces (roll, length: 10 m, width: 25 mm)
            0554 0051
            £ 76.00 £ 91.20
          • Accessories
            testo 770-3
            testo 770-3 - clamp meter with Bluetooth®
              0590 7703
              £ 179.00 £ 214.80
            • Accessories
              testo 605i
              testo 605i - thermohygrometer operated via smartphone
                0560 2605 02
                £ 99.00 £ 118.80
              • Accessories
                PC Software testo IRSoft
                Free download: PC software testo IRSoft
                  0501 8809
                • Accessories for measuring instrument

                • Accessories for measuring instrument
                  testo 883 thermal imager
                  testo 883-2 - thermal imager (320 x 240 pixels) with 42° lens and accessories
                    0560 8836
                    £ 3,380.00 £ 4,056.00

                  • Preventive maintenance

                    Ideal for the early identification of imminent malfunctions or defects on plants and machines: Reliably record temperature increases with a thermal imager.

                    • Fast detection of critical thermal status (so-called HotSpots) during continuing operation
                    • Avoid expensive damage, downtimes and fire risks on plants and machines
                    Electrical maintenance
                    • Test switching cabinets, electrical conditions, photovoltaic plants
                    • Evaluate heat status in low, medium and high voltage plants
                    Mechanical maintenance
                    • Identify wear on machines
                    • Test motors, bearings, shafts
                      testo 8xx application

                      Detecting structural defects and ensuring construction quality

                      • Detect potential building defects, prove quality and the implementation of construction measures without contact – with the help of thermal images
                      • Test air-tightness of windows and doors
                      • Locate insulation errors and cold bridges in a building shell
                      • Detect and visualize mould-risk areas
                      testo 8xx application

                      Professional energy consultation

                      • Analyze building shells, evaluate energy efficiency, identify energy-saving potential with a thermal imager from Testo
                      • Easy recording and documentation of energy loss from buildings
                      • Prove faulty insulation and cold bridges without contact, and visualize them in an infrared image
                      • Localize untight spots in new buildings quickly and easily in combination with Blower Door
                      testo 8xx application

                      Preventing mould formation

                      • Localize mould-risk areas quickly and easily: These areas are presented in red in the imager display when the imager is in humidity mode
                      testo 8xx application

                      Easy checking of heating systems and installations

                      • test heating and air conditioning/ventilation systems: Use a thermal imager to identify irregularities in the temperature distribution quickly and easily
                      • Localization of the course of heating loops in underfloor heating systems
                      • Testo radiators for silting
                      • Measure flow and return temperatures
                      testo 8xx application

                      Localize pipe ruptures

                      • Reliably determine pipe ruptures with the help of a thermal imager – without unnecessarily opening walls and floors
                      • Precise localization of leakages in underfloor heating and other inaccessible pipe systems
                      testo 8xx application

                      Locating leaks in flat roofs

                      • Detection of damp in roofs: Based on temperature differences (such as occur mainly in flat roofs), thermal imagers show areas on the roof with sealed-in moisture or damaged insulation
                      testo 8xx application

                      More reliability in quality assurance and production monitoring

                      • A Testo thermal imager supports in process control and product quality asurance
                      • Identify foreign bodies in production processes and anomalies in the heat distribution of components quickly and without contact
                      • Fast and easy monitoring of filling level in closed liquid tanks
                      testo 8xx application