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testo 926 - Temperature meter (Starter Set)

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  • Suitable set for getting started straight away with temperature measurement in the food sector
  • Wide range of probes for individual practical requirements, also available with optional wireless measurement using a radio probe 
  • Define your own limit values – acoustic alarm when you exceed a limit value
  • Certified to HACCP and EN 13485 – ideal for the food sector
  • Product no longer available. Are you familiar with the alternative?
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    Professional temperature checks in the food sector: part of the everyday routine in large kitchens, top restaurants, industry and trade. The testo 926 temperature measuring instrument starter set is a reliable and convenient tool for your routine tasks, enabling you to get started straight away with your measurements.

    Certified to HACCP and EN 13485, the temperature measuring instrument is ideal for use in the food sector. Freely definable limit values make your daily work routine easier. When limit values are exceeded, an acoustic warning signal sounds and min. and max. values are saved automatically.

    Flexible or wireless: probes for the testo 926 temperature measuring instrument

    The testo 926 temperature measuring instrument starter set includes a waterproof standard immersion/penetration probe. You can get started with your measurements straight away. As another option, Testo offers additional probes that you can order separately depending on your individual practical requirements: e.g. frozen food probes, particularly discreet probes, which do not leave behind any puncture holes, heat-resistant probes for oven temperature checks or temperature probes, which transmit their measurement results wirelessly to the testo 926 temperature measuring instrument.

    Practical accessories for the testo 926 temperature measuring instrument

    The scope of delivery for the starter set includes the TopSafe protective case. This protects the temperature measuring instrument against dirt, water and impact and can, if required, be removed from the instrument and cleaned in the dishwasher. The testo fast printer is available, for example, as an optional accessory for printing out your measurement results directly on site.

    testo 926 food temperature measuring instrument incl. TopSafe protective case, waterproof standard immersion/penetration probe, calibration protocol and batteries.

    Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)

    Measuring range
    -50 to +400 °C
    ±(0.7 °C ±0.5 % of mv) (Remaining Range)
    ±0.3 °C (-20 to +70 °C)
    0.1 °C (-50 to +199.9 °C)
    1 °C (Remaining Range)

    Temperature - TC Type T (Cu-CuNi)

    Measuring range
    -50 to +400 °C
    ±(0.7 °C ±0.5 % of mv) (Remaining Range)
    ±0.3 °C (-20 to +70 °C)
    0.1 °C (-50 to +199.9 °C)
    1 °C (Remaining Range)

    General technical data

    171 g
    182 x 64.0 x 40 mm
    Operating temperature
    -20 to +50 °C
    Product-/housing material
    Measuring parameter
    Sensor type
    Temperature - TC type T; Temperature - NTC; Temperature - TC type K
    EN 13485
    Battery life
    200 h (connected probe, backlight off); 45 h (radio mode, backlight off); 68 h (connected probe, backlight always on); 33 h (radio mode, backlight always on)
    Battery type
    9V block battery, 6F22
    Storage temperature
    -40 to +70 °C