Refrigeration technology

Charging refrigeration systems

Refrigeration systems need the right amount of refrigerant to achieve the highest possible efficiency. Thanks to its smart valve, the testo 560i refrigerant scale can charge refrigeration systems fully automatically and according to the target value.

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  • Fully automatic refrigerant charging according to target value

  • Wireless operation with Testo manifolds and testo Smart App

  • Exact charging according to target value

  • Stable and long Bluetooth® range

  • Compact housing, low weight, convenient carrying handle

Digital refrigerant scale

testo Smart App

One App for all applications.

The testo Smart App guides you quickly and easily through measurements on refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems

Now new:

PRO measuring programs for increasing the efficiency of your applications

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Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Testo measuring instruments


Direct report dispatch by e-mail


All measurement values at a glance


Intuitive measurement menus


Free download, free use


PRO Measuring Programs

Other applications

Manifolds and Smart Probes

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Refrigeration circuit control

Commissioning and service - fast, flexible and precise

Vacuum gauges

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Evacuating/vacuum measurement

Professional and highly precise pressure measurement

Electrical measuring instruments

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Electrical testing

Safe testing of all electrical parameters of equipment and components


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Temperature measurement

Flexible temperature measurement of components and ambient air

Leak detectors

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Leakage testing/tightness test

Reliable detection of the smallest leaks for all common refrigerants

testo 570s manifold

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Long-term measurement

World’s longest battery life of 360 hours and large data memory

What’s new?

Measurement technology for heat pumps

At Testo, you’ll find the right measurement technology for a cost and energy efficient operation of heat pumps. You also make sure the environment isn’t burdened by any leaked refrigerant.

  • Pressure and temperature testing

  • Controlled refrigerant service

  • Easy tightness testing and evacuation

All about refrigeration measuring technology

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What customers say about Testo digital manifolds

What I’d like to tell other technicians is that this instrument really saves a lot of time, and you don’t have to take that much stuff along, you’ve got less to do yourself because the testo 557s does everything for you.

Tom Siben


Service technician at Lennox

We used to have to work with analog measuring instruments and needed a notepad, plus we needed external temperature probes. Testo has now incorporated all of that into one instrument. This makes it easier and much quicker for us to satisfy the customer with regard to the performance of their equipment.

Peter van Vliet



My first impression is very positive; a very nice, new measuring set that you certainly won’t regret purchasing as a refrigeration technician. I don’t think any other brand can compete with it.

Marco Slump


Owner of Slump Heating and Refrigeration Technology, Appingedam (NL)