Food safety

Guidelines and standards for food

Insufficient cooling or heating of food is one of the most common causes of food poisoning. Use Testo’s reliable measuring instruments to comply with food standards and guidelines – to ensure that food is safe.

  • Improve food safety

  • Comply with HACCP guidelines and EN standards

  • Whether it’s incoming goods, production, transport, storage, food preparation or sale - Testo offers the perfect solution

HACCP guidelines

HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” and is an internationally binding quality management system for food. The HACCP guidelines define temperature limits for all products and stipulate that evidence of compliance with temperatures is mandatory. Testo measuring instruments, which come with a HACCP International certificate, can support you in food safety and compliance with the HACCP regulations.

HACCP-compliant products

Penetration thermometers, infrared thermometers, data loggers

Further directives and standards

EN 13485

The EN 13485 standard defines the requirements thermometers must fulfil for use in the food industry. The requirements relate, for example, to the method of measurement (contact/penetration measurement), the measuring range, measuring accuracy and the measuring instrument resolution.

The HACCP concept – basic information and background

In the 1950s, the race into space between the USA and the Soviet Union was in full swing. And once Moscow produced the Sputnik in 1957, the Americans launched their peak planning stage for a manned space flight. One important aspect of this project was food safety in space. The food had to be 100% safe - anything else could have catastrophic consequences.

Legal framework conditions for implementing HACCP in the catering trade

Food legislation prescribes proof of adherence to the cold chain and sufficient heating of the food before serving. This proof is provided in the form of the written documentation of the measurements carried out. The restaurateur must ensure that measurements are taken with sufficient frequency to ensure food safety.

Need to comply with HACCP guidelines? With Testo's measuring technology and expertise, it's easy.

Food is a matter of trust. Its safety and impeccable quality are taken for granted by the customers. This, of course, poses great challenges for food business operators along the entire cold chain: What do I need to watch out for? Which measuring technology is recommended? And who can provide me with information about new regulatory developments that affect my day-to-day business? Fortunately, Testo is on hand to help you with advice, support, expert knowledge plus, of course, the appropriate measuring technology.

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