Heating technology

Measuring differential pressure in heating systems

When you carry out servicing work on residential heating systems, differential pressure measurement is part of the standard repertoire. These include:

  • Measurement of gas flow pressure and static pressure on gas boilers

  • Differential pressure measurements in the adjustment and servicing of gas heating systems

  • Pressure testing of water pipes using air

The measurement of gas flow and static gas pressure in the system are especially important. Because the burner can only operate well at a flow pressure between approximately 18 to 25 mbar. Outside this range, explosive flame formation can occur. The consequences are malfunctions or even breakdown of the heating system. For this reason, the acquisition of a reliable, easy-to-operate differential pressure measuring instrument is worthwhile.

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Measuring differential pressure with the testo 512-1 digital differential pressure measuring instruments

With app integration, measuring range 0 to 200 hPa

Differential pressure measuring instruments

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Other applications

Flue gas analysis

Exhaust and flue gas measurement on heating systems and other small combustion plants is used to determine the level of pollutants emitted and the heat energy lost.

  • The atmosphere should be contaminated by pollutants as little as possible.

  • Energy should be used as efficiently as possible.

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All about heating measuring technology

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