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Sustainability at Testo

As a company active in climate and environmental measurement technology, sustainable use of resources is part of Testo's self-image. In addition to the development and production of measuring devices that protect our environment and health, we are committed to greater sustainability and the economical use of resources - from our employees' commute to the development and production of our measuring devices.

We have already taken the following steps:

Electric Cars at Testo

Testo is switching to e-mobility

Four electric cars complement Testo’s company fleet. They are primarily used for trips between locations, as these make up 70% of the fleet's trips.

Testo promotes the use of local public transport

The new location in Titisee was deliberately chosen to be close to the train station in Titisee. Commuters from Freiburg and the surrounding area can easily use local public transport. To make it easier for employees to travel from the Titisee train station to the Lenzkirch location, Testo provides shuttle vehicles.

For this we were awarded the Freiburg Eco-Traffic Seal for the second time (2012 and 2013).

Testo saves energy and natural resources

Testo reduces energy and fuel consumption for heating and cooling its buildings through modern heating concepts and needs-based use. At the Titisee location, the new building was designed according to the principle of a “green building” in order to waste as little energy as possible and have as little impact on the surrounding nature as possible.

In winter, the building is heated using, among other things, building core activation, thus enabling a constant room temperature that does not require energy-consuming temperature peaks. In summer the same system is used to cool the rooms.

In addition, night cooling supports a pleasant room temperature: ventilation panels open automatically at night and remain open until the incoming cool night air has ensured the right temperature.

Testo relies on Green IT

Testo is gradually converting its data centers to new air conditioning technology. After the modernization, up to 120 tons of CO2 can be saved annually.

In spring 2023, the central data center in Lenzkirch was significantly optimized in terms of cooling. Testo takes advantage of the harsh Black Forest climate: with an annual average temperature of 6 degrees Celsius, 80% of the air conditioning can be operated using outdoor cooling. This means that the data center only requires a fraction of the energy to cool compared to traditional cooling methods.

The optimization is illustrated by the so-called Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value. The PUE describes the relationship between the total energy requirement of a data center and the energy requirement of the installed IT systems. The PUE value of all German data centers averaged around 1.6 in 2022. For comparison: In 2010 the value was 1.95. The Testo data center in Lenzkirch achieves a PUE value of 1.2. Only a few new buildings that are designed and certified for energy optimization achieve this value.

This means in numbers:

After the modernization, Testo saves over 100,000 kWh of electricity per year.

This results in a concrete saving of over 40 tons of CO2 per year.

Testo offers sustainable products and repair services

We want our measuring devices to be able to be used for a long time and therefore focus on stability and high quality when developing them. If something no longer works, we offer a comprehensive repair service and thus contribute to the sustainability of our products.