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Using electrochemical sensors in Testo gas measuring instruments

for emission measurements in industrial applications.

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Introduction: Reasons for using gas analysis for industrial flue gases

Gas analysis, i.e. the measurement technology used for determining the composition of gases, is an indispensable tool for an economic and and secure process implementation in almost all industrial areas. The focus is on combustion processes, although this is a generic term that encompasses a large number of different processes. In Fig. 1, a combustion process is shown in steps, starting on the left with the introduction of fuel and combustion air into a combustion chamber, via the actual combustion and the different processes driven by it, up to the exhaust gas scrubbing and the final emission check.

In all steps of this procedural chain, gas analysis provides information on the composition of the combustion and exhaust gases, thus allowing the economic and safe operation of the plant while complying with the official regulations, and is therefore crucial in equal measure to the quality and efficiency of production. Gas analyzers are used in the analysis of combustion gases in industry in various applications which are not limited to the area of emission monitoring.

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