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Current / Voltage meter

The electrical tester measures voltage or current, and is suitable for both AC and DC voltage.

Power up with a testo NCV!

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Measuring exact voltage with testo Current Meters

As a multimeter, it is also capable of other measurements, in addition to voltage. Automatic detection means the instrument is ideal for all electrical measurements, without the need for switching options.

The advantages of testo 755 Current / Voltage Testers

  • Reliable voltage display, even with an empty battery

  • Measure immediately

  • Exchangeable measuring tips

testo 755 Current / Voltage Tester

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testo 755 Current / Voltage Tester comparison

Your advantages at a glance

Certified according to CE standards

Always on the safe side.

The current tester for the most important measurements

The testo Electrical Meters feature exchangeable measuring tips. An integrated light also means dark areas are not a problem, as the light shows the measurement results clearly.

The testo Voltage Tester enables the following measuring tasks to be carried out:

  • checking electrical systems for a specific voltage or the absence of voltage,

  • measuring current,

  • continuity testing.

Testing current safely – with the right instruments

A variety of instruments can be used to test current or voltage. A testo Voltage Meter enables you to get precise voltage readings, but also determines the resistance, and other measuring values.

With the two-pole voltage tester you get an instrument that provides particularly precise measurement data. The two test electrodes are permanently fixed onto the measuring instrument. This control unit has an easy-to-read display, and its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold securely. In order to protect the voltage tester and the user, the instrument is equipped with a variety of series resistors. In order to perform a measurement, you touch the two color coded leads to the test electrodes. You then read out the voltage values on the display.

Current testers from Testo – for your safe use

Testo Current Meters are characterized by reliable measurement and voltage display, even when the battery is empty. The instruments do not have to be switched on and work without any pre-selection. They also feature appropriate seals of approval for safety.

If necessary, the measuring tips are field replaceable to ensure you can continue to test current safely. The electrical tester carries out an automatic detection of the electrical parameters, which means no separate selection is needed.

Testo has two current testers available for you, which both provide a reliable result and impress with their versatile capability:

  • the testo 755-1 current/voltage tester, with batteries, measuring tips and measuring tip caps,

  • the testo 755-2 with a larger voltage range up to 1000 volts.

The electrical tester for precision measurement

In comparison to other voltage measuring instruments, the two-pole test instruments impress with their multi-functional capability and their accurate results. There are measurement categories for voltage testers which are intended to ensure optimum personal protection. CAT III two-pole voltage testers are protected against overvoltage and therefore also withstand a short circuit.

Testo's voltage testers are very convenient and safe to operate, thanks to their handy size and light weight. They are suitable for an operating temperature of between -14 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit and have protection class IP64.