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Humidity Data Loggers

Ambient data can be important and influential in different areas. When transporting or storing goods, it is necessary to keep an eye on how the data evolves and therefore be able to respond quickly when major changes occur. The data is just as important for good indoor air quality, and personal well-being also depends on temperature and humidity.

Data loggers for temperature and humidity – fields of application

The data is just as important for good indoor air quality. Personal well-being also depends on temperature and humidity.

Data loggers for temperature and humidity are capable of measuring data at defined intervals. The data is then stored in an integrated data memory. Testo offers separate temperature data loggers and humidity data loggers, as well as instruments which out both measurements.

Humidity / Temperature Data Loggers.

The search for a suitable data logger is based on the different features the instrument needs to have:

  • Measurement type

  • combination of measurements

  • Battery longevity or rechargeable battery

  • Measurement accuracy

  • Repetition of measurement results

  • USB or W-Fi


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Climate Data Logger – important features

The question as to which features a climate data logger should have depends on the planned field of application. If you want to use the instruments to monitor the environment around sensitive goods, a cold chain or also a transport operation, then precise measuring values are essential. If you are planning to check rooms, such as those in schools or in offices, small discrepancies in terms of the measuring values are less serious. The accuracy of an instrument can therefore already limit your choice.

Data storage and repeatability of measurements are particularly important, regardless of the field of application. Storage should still be ensured, even when the instrument no longer has power. This is the only way to ensure the possibility of continued analysis in the future. In this context, it is also worthwhile having a look at the rechargeable battery's service life during your search. You should also check whether there is an audible warning telling you when the rechargeable battery needs charging.

You are under a great deal of pressure when it comes to monitoring certain areas. The measurement results must be controlled and adjusted within a short time, so that no damage to goods and products can occur. In this respect, data loggers can take the pressure off, because they measure the values accurately and warn you via acoustic signals if limits are exceeded. The transmission of data can work in different ways. For example, Testo offers a Hygrometer data logger with USB or Wi-Fi. The use of a climate data logger which is integrated into a data monitoring system is particularly effective. The complex system is designed in such a way that the data can be sent directly to a preferred device and analyzed immediately. This naturally has some advantages which you can benefit from in terms of the air humidity datalogger:

  • Significant time saving

  • Quick data transmission

  • Setting of limit values

  • Audible alarms

Ordering Testo Humidity Data Loggers online

Testo's humidity data loggers can measure different types of moisture. Both material moisture and humidity can be very precisely monitored. Here, you can choose from a variety of models. You have the option of ordering a data logger for temperature and humidity which gives a regular overview of the evolution of the values.

There are also differences in terms of the size and design of the models. The USB temperature / humidity Data Logger is may be preferred over models with Wi-Fi.

Additional accessories for Testo Data Logger

Wi-Fi Data Loggers

Fully automatic systems with easy installation and operation.


testo 174 T

Temperature Data Logger

Feature-packed temperature monitoring solutions


testo 176 P1

Pressure Data Logger

Detailed monitoring of pressure and other values.


testo 160 IAQ

CO2 data logger

Perfect for measuring gas values in living and working areas.

UV data logger

Effective monitoring of exposure to light and UV radiation.


testo 184 G1

Shock Data Logger

Vibration recording for optimum transport monitoring.

Testo climate data logger are feature packed. There Testo Data Logger for temperature, humidity and air pressure are ideal. However, it may make sense to use additional instruments. The measurement of gas concentration in the rooms may therefore be required in some areas. CO and CO2 data loggers are suitable for this. In some cases, these are also available in combination with temperature measurements. Looking at exposure to UV radiation is often underestimated, but extremely important. UV radiation can have a lasting effect on the quality of goods and raw materials. A testo UV Data Logger enables you to keep an eye on these values. Strong impacts or also movements, as is the case with transportation, are often problematic for sensitive products. The testo Shock Data Logger can record how strong the impacts have been. This enables you to estimate how great the possible damage might be.

  • There are testo Data Loggers avilable for many different applications

  • Display of UV exposure is possible

  • Measurement results can be compared by regular measurement