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Gas leak detector

It is possible that both gas and water pipes may develop leaks over time. Structural defects can also lead to a leak developing in the pipework. This is where the leak flow meter comes into its own. In order to prevent dangerous gas accidents and water damage, both gas and water pipes have to be checked regularly for their functional efficiency and tightness against leaks. This kind of tightness test requires a highly precise pressure meter which always provides reliable results.

Testo leak flow meters feature the following:

  • Tightness and load testing on drinking water (ZVSHK EN 806-4) and gas pipes (TRGI 2018)

  • Pressure testing on waste water pipes (DIN EN 1610)

  • Differential pressure

  • The serviceability of gas pipes can be determined (TRGI 2018)

  • Repeated testing, tightness, and strength testing (pressure testing) on liquid gas pipes (TRF 2021)

With these sets, you have all gas and water pipes under control:

Professional tightness tests made easy.

These applications can be carried out easily with the testo 324:

Gas pipe testing

Test for tightness before commissioning, identify, and evaluate the relevant changes and ensure the safety of the gas appliance during operation:

  • Load test

  • Tightness test

  • Serviceability test

Professional tightness test thanks to cutting-edge leak flow meters

You need the appropriate equipment to be able to carry out professional and legally compliant tightness tests on drinking water and waste water pipes, as well as gas pipes. A Testo leak flow meter means you are always on the safe side when it comes to professional tightness tests. With Testo, you have the option of additional accessories for the measuring instrument, such as the instrument case with gas bladder. Perhaps one of our gas and water kits is already the right choice for you. With Testo, you will find optional accessories, such as the Testo Printer, providing immediate printout on site.

Leakage quantification on gas and water pipes with just one instrument

A leak in a pipe can suddenly develop, either due to age, or to structural alterations. To ensure it does not come to that, water and gas pipes need to undergo a regular tightness test. Possible gas accidents and water damage can be prevented by regular testing, as even the smallest leaks can be detected and remedied at an early stage.

The leak flow meter is used to carry out this important task. This instrument means you have a high quality meter which you can use to carry out installation, maintenance, and repair tasks on gas and water pipes.

Instruments for professional leakage detection

If there is a suspicion of a leak – whether in a gas, water, or waste pipe – it should be dealt with immediately. The Testo leak flow meter is used to reliably identify leaks and quantify the leakage amount. The guided menu makes it extremely easy to operate. This is particularly important, above all in tricky situations where everything needs to be done very quickly. With the intuitive control panel and reliable measurement results, you are on the safe side and can keep focused on measurements, even in the most serious emergencies.

Product recommendations for the testo 324

For legally compliant work on water and gas pipes, you should trust the professional and have reliable tools at your disposal. A Testo Leak Flow Meter means you already have the most important instrument for carrying out tasks professionally. Integrated data storage plays a very important role when it comes to optimum handling of your customers' data from any location. Depending on the type of meter, an optional printer may be available, enabling immediate printouts of data. You are also welcome to browse our range of products; ranging from differential pressure gauges or absolute pressure meters.