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pH meters

Depending on the medium, pH measurement can become a challenge. Testo's high-precision pH meters have proved themselves everywhere where particularly reliable and efficient pH measurements are required.

pH measurement with Testo – simple and efficient

  • Ideal for the measurement of the pH value in semi-solid, viscoplastic, and liquid media.

  • Fast, easy pH and temperature measurement with just one measuring probe.

  • The best solution for sensitive applications, such as in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

  • Testo's pH meters impress thanks to outstanding performance and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Light measurement made easy

Where would you like to determine the pH value? pH meters for every application

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Determine the pH value more precisely with the ideal meter: really easy with Testo

The pH value is an important parameter for numerous applications, whether in the pharmaceutical industry, environmental technology or the food sector. With a Testo pH Meter, highly precise measurements are displayed immediately. Regardless of whether the medium is hot, viscous, or aggressive. And a little more information makes the measurement process even more efficient!

pH measurement – good to know:

The pH value is an important indicator in numerous chemical and biochemical reactions and stands for "pondus hydrogenii" - hydrogen weight. Why?

  • The pH value quantifies the concentration of hydrogen ions in or on a medium. To do this, the hydrogen ion concentration is converted to electrical voltage.

  • The pH value scale ranges from 0 = extremely acid (e.g. hydrochloric acid) to 14 (extremely alkaline, such as sodium hydroxide).

  • The pH readings enable precise statements about the acid or alkaline character of a substance, or its neutrality at a pH value of 7. This means consistent quality of food or drugs can be guaranteed.

  • In purely arithmetical terms, there are also pH values which are above or below the scale. However, they have no practical significance.

Special measuring instruments for the food industry:
you can rely on Testo!

pH measurement in the food industry not only needs to be particularly precise, but also requires versatile measuring instruments. Because it must be possible to use them in a variety of media: for semi-solid substances, such as meat, for viscoplastic media such as jelly or cheese, and of course for liquids such as milk, juice, or water. You will find the best possible probes and sensors for every application at Testo. And everything else which you need in terms of accessories and consumables.