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Monitoring ambient conditions

easily & reliably with testo Saveris 2.

The Testo Cloud for the testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system

The testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system for temperature monitoring includes at least one radio data logger and access to the Testo Cloud: Via WLAN, your readings are transmitted to the Cloud and stored there.

In addition, the Testo Cloud functions as a central operating element for setting up your testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system. You can also manage your user profiles and account settings there.

Access to the Testo Cloud is free of charge. Simply register and follow the step-by-step instructions for setting up the system.

Basic or Advanced: Find the right license for the Testo Cloud here

Depending on what features you need, you have a choice when it comes to using the Testo Cloud: You can either use the free Basic license or the more extensive Advanced functionality.

If you opt in for the benefits of the Advanced package, you can also choose between different durations from 12 to 36 months. You can reserve the Advanced package that is right for you directly in the Cloud.

Overview of the advantages of the Cloud

  • Central operating element for the monitoring, documentation and administration of all measurement locations

  • Secure protection of your measurement data from unauthorized access by third parties

  • Automatic storage of your readings, all measurement data is available at all times

  • Alarm function for critical values

  • Two license packages with different scopes of function

Overview of all Testo Cloud license info:

Free Basic licenceExtended Advanced licence
Measuring cycle15 min to 24 h1 min to 24 h
Communication cycle15 min to 24 h1 min to 24 h
Data storageMax. 3 monthsMax. 2 years
ReportsManual (.pdf/.csv)Manual (.pdf/.csv) Automatic (.pdf/.csv)
Data analysisFor one measuring point in each case (1 external probe = 1 measuring point)For up to 10 measurement channels simultaneously
Number of users per account110
Number of radio data loggers per accountUnlimitedUnlimited
Alarm optionsUpper/lower alarm thresholdsUpper/lower alarm thresholds Alarm delay Time control of alarms
System notificationsLow battery Radio link interrupted Power supply interrupted Low battery Radio link interrupted Power supply interrupted
E-mail alarmYesYes
SMS alarmNoneIncluding 25 SMS per logger and year Option of purchasing additional SMS packages
DurationUnlimited12 months: Order no. 0526 0735

Product info, data protection and Cloud access

Product brochure testo Saveris 2

The testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system can be put together just the way you need it at your pharmacy. The product brochure offers you an overview of:

  • All testo Saveris 2 data loggers

  • All technical specifications

  • All information on licences

Security dossier

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Security dossier testo Saveris 2

Your security is important to us. That’s why we have compiled all the relevant information on protecting your data and privacy in this Security dossier. For secure, automated IAQ monitoring to put your mind at ease.

Access to the Testo Cloud

To be able to use the Testo Cloud with all end devices, please register once

  • Register

  • Log in

  • Done!

How-to videos

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Training card

Is it complicated to log in to the Testo Cloud? Not at all. Convince yourself with the compact video tutorial.

testo Saveris 2

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System overview

Climatic ambient conditions easily under control.