Your online data store (Testo Cloud)

We offer a free Cloud access for your WiFi data logger system. You can use it to view and manage the measurement values stored online, and to use the alarm function via e-mail. You can also set up your system in the Testo Cloud – simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

The advantages of the Cloud at a glance

  • Central operating element for the monitoring, documentation and administration of all measurement locations
  • Secure protection of your measurement data from unauthorized access by third parties
  • Automatic storage of your measurement values, all measurement data are constantly available
  • Alarm function for critical values
  • Two licence packages with different scopes of function

Our Cloud packages in comparison

  Basic Advanced
Measurement rate Fixed Flexible
Data storage Max. 3 months Max. 2 years
Reports Manual Automatic
Number of users per account 1 10
Alarms E-mail E-mail, SMS

Pro tip

With an upgrade to the advanced licence, you ensure maximum flexibility:

  • Measurement rate freely selectable
  • Reports automatically sent by e-mail fulfil the documentation obligation
  • Several user profiles – important, for example in cases of several branches or sites
  • Alarm also by SMS
Saveris 2 trial access for the Testo Cloud

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