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Smart Probes

Testo Smart Probes allow more mobile and easier measurement of temperature, pressure, humidity, and air flow velocity than ever before. The compact measuring instruments are ideal for all your refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation applications. Testo Smart Probes can be operated with the testo Smart App from your own smartphone or tablet.

Testo Smart Probes: Compact professional measuring instruments for your smartphone

  • Comprehensive range of measuring instruments for monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity and flow velocity

  • Curated kits for the most important applications in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration

  • Operation and documentation completely via testo Smart App

Testo Smart Probes offer these features

Practical to use

In short, Smart Probes are small smartphone measuring instruments. Each of the compact measuring instruments fulfills a very specific measuring task when it comes to monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity and flow. They are all easy and convenient to operate and evaluate via the testo Smart App.

Overview of all Smart Probes

Smart Probes application

Ventilation systems

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Ventilation systems

  • Volume flow in ducts and at outlets

  • Temperature/humidity measurement in ducts

Refrigeration systems

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Evacuating refrigeration systems and heat pumps

  • Leak test

  • Superheat and subcooling

  • Target superheat

  • Cooling and heating output

  • Vacuum measurement

Indoor air quality

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Indoor air quality

  • Measurement of room temperature

  • Measurement of relative humidity

Smart Probes for indoor climate

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Conventional heating systems

  • Non-contact temperature measurement

  • Measurement of flow and return temperatures

  • Measurement of gas flow pressure

Smart Probes measure
these parameters

Hose-free high-pressure measurement and differential pressure


Surface temperature using infrared, clamp thermometer on lines, air temperature


Relative humidity conjunction with temperature


Air flow velocity measurement and determination of volume flow in ducts or at outlets

Air flow velocity


testo Smart App

  • Wireless operation and reading of values on your smartphone or tablet – from a distance of up to 300 Feet

  • Changes in values displayed immediately – as a graph or table

  • Stored measurement programs guide you through different applications.

  • Customer data and measuring points can be stored and managed in the testo Smart App.

  • Data logs can be supplemented with images and sent as PDF or Excel files, or transferred to testo Data Control PC software

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Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Testo Smart Instruments


Direct report sent by e-mail


All values at a glance


Intuitive menus


Free download, free use


testo Smart Probes

Everything you need to know about the testo Smart Probes at a glance.