Testo Smart Probes: Compact Bluetooth Instruments

The compact and wireless Smart Probes can be operated by a smartphone or tablet via the testo Smart Probes app, which also provides complete reports at the push of a button. These durable multi-function probes are perfect for all aspects of the HVAC field.

The testo Smart Probe Sets

The new Testo Smart Probes

For additional convenience, the testo Smart Probes are available individually, or in 3 kit configurations, to accommodate common HVAC testing methods.

testo 115i

testo 115i – Pipe-Clamp Thermometer Wireless Smart Probe

For monitoring air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and measuring flow and return temperatures.

testo 405i – Thermal anemometer operated with your smartphone

testo 405i – Hot-Wire Anemometer Wireless Smart Probe

For the measurement of air flow velocities, temperatures, and volume flows in ventilation ducts.

testo 410i

testo 410i – Vane Anemometer Wireless Smart Probe

For the measurement of air flow velocities, temperatures, and volume flows at air outlets.

testo 510i

testo 510i – Differential Pressure Manometer Wireless Smart Probe

For the measurement of differential pressure, air flow velocity, and volume flow.

testo 549i

testo 549i – Refrigeration Pressure Wireless Smart Probe

For service, error detection, and installation of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

testo 605i

testo 605i – Thermo-Hygrometer Wireless Smart Probe

For the measurement of air temperature and humidity in rooms and ducts.

testo 805i

testo 805i – Infrared Thermometer Wireless Smart Probe

For the non-contact measurement of wall, fuse, and component temperatures in air conditioning systems.

testo 905i

testo 905i – Thermometer Wireless Smart Probe

For the measurement of ambient temperatures and temperatures in ducts and at air outlets.

Measuring with an App Has Many Advantages

Testo Smart Probes

Remote Measurement Monitoring

Measurement data transmits to the convenient and powerful testo Smart Probes app, for remote operation and monitoring at up to 50 feet, with a clear line of sight.

Testo Smart Probes App

Download from Your App Store!

Find out what makes the testo Smart Probes app so convenient.

Testo Smart Probes with App

Easy Report Generation

Measurement data can be exported directly from the app as a full report, complete with a picture, and saved via email as a PDF, Excel, or JPG file.

testo Smart Probes App

Display Multiple Probes

The powerful testo Smart Probes app can connect and display measurements from up to 6 Smart Probes simultaneously.

testo Smart Probes App

Trending and Table Display

The app can help you quickly visualize measurement value changes, using the graph or table display mode options.
testo Smart Probes App

Special Application Modes

  • The AC + Refrigeration section provides automatic evaporation and condensation temperatures, as well as superheat and subcooling measurements.
  • The Volume Flow section allows for the configuration of duct parameters for automatic CFM calculations.
  • The Cooling and Heating Power section enables automatic BTU calculations.