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testo Smart Probe Thermohygrometers

The testo 605i Thermohygrometer offers smart humidity measurements in rooms and ducts. Depending on the application, it is also available in a handy kit with other measuring instruments from the testo Smart Probes range.

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testo Smart App

  • Wireless operation on your smartphone or tablet – from a distance of up to 300 Feet

  • Changes in values displayed immediately – as a graph or table

  • Stored measurement programs guide you through different applications.

  • Customer data and measuring points are managed in the testo Smart App.

  • Data logs can be supplemented with images and sent as PDF or Excel files, or transferred to testo Data Control PC software

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Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Testo Smart Instruments


Direct report sent by e-mail


All values at a glance


Intuitive menus


Free download, free use


testo Smart Probes

testo Smart Probes at a glance.

testo Smart Probes

Overview of testo Smart Probes and testo Smart Probes Kits

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