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Intuitive climate measurement

The testo 440 combines versatility with maximum ease of use.

Versatility in a compact design

Welcome to a new era: the testo 440 combines a compact hand-held measuring instrument with intuitive measurement menus and a comprehensive selection of air velocity & IAQ probes. Use it to keep all your air conditioning and ventilation measurements in one device.

  • Intuitive measurement menus
    Clearly structured menus for volume flow, K factor, degree of turbulence, heating/cooling output, mold detection and long-term measurement are programmed into the instrument.

  • Wireless convenience
    All the testo 440 probes are also available as wireless Bluetooth versions. This makes for less cable clutter.

  • Clear display
    Measurement configuration and display of values at a glance.

  • Particularly economical
    The testo 440 saves you money:
    the meter does not need to be calibrated, it measures all air velocity & IAQ parameters and the probes can be easily adapted for different measurements.

Multifunction measuring instruments: online product configurator

To the product consultant

The measuring instrument for any air conditioning application:

Flow measurement in ducts and at outlets

  • Intuitive menus – clearly structured for volume flow, K factor, and pitot tube measurements

  • Convenient measurement – extendable probes with Bluetooth

  • With a differential pressure sensor: the testo 440 dP for Pitot tube and filter measurements

Measuring comfort level and indoor air quality

  • Intuitive menus: turbulence measurement in accordance with ISO EN 7730/ASHRAE 55

  • Integrated long-term measurement: monitor specified locations at adjustable measuring intervals

  • A comprehensive selection of probes: turbulence, CO2, temperature, humidity, CO, lux

Measurements in laboratories and cleanrooms

  • Intuitive menus – clearly structured for volume flow measurement

  • Special applications – high-precision probes with an unrivaled level of accuracy

  • Versatility – Bluetooth or cable, the right probes for any measuring location

4 reasons why the testo 440 will make your work even easier

Clearly structured menus, large display

Menus for measuring volume flow, K factor, and degree of turbulence in accordance with EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55, heating/cooling output, mold detection, and long-term measurement are programmed into the instrument, and guarantee reliable measurement results.

Measurements are easily configured via the large display; readings and results are available at a glance.

What do you need to measure?

Comfort level

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In laboratories / clean rooms

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Free downloads to help you measure more effectively:

Measurement menus


The intuitive measurement menus

The menus programmed in the instrument efficiently guide you through volume flow measurements in ducts and at outlets, and with K factor and pitot tube measurements.

Probe comparison


All probes for the testo 440

Which probe for which application? Download the probe comparison and learn about the testo 440 portfolio of probes.



The comprehensive testo 440 brochure

A wealth of information relating to the testo 440:

  • All probes and accessories

  • Special kits for any application

  • Details on instrument navigation